Streamline Product Information Management for Multi-Channel Success

Create One Centralized Product Content Hub

Your products are the core of your business. The way you store and distribute product descriptions, specs, images, and other product data is essential to your growth. Often we rely on too many locations to house this product information--Excel spreadsheets, Google Drive folders, and emails—making it time-consuming and frustrating to locate and share the right information in the right format. Whether it’s equipping your sales team with the product details to close a deal or marketing managers with optimized product content for both your website and multi-channel retail partners, Catsy centralizes everything for everyone.

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Maximize Internal Efficiencies for Easier Content Sharing

The Catsy PIM allows you to assign team permissions so organizationally it’s easier to import and export files wherever, whenever. Upload existing data from a spreadsheet and assign your product data columns to established categories mapped to retailer item setup sheets. You can finally stop wasting time tracking down product information and manually formatting it in Excel sheets using pivot tables and VLOOKUP with easy-to-use import and export tools.

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Link Product Information & Digital Assets for Unified Content

Nothing sells a product better than beautiful images, videos, and artwork. Product copy is important for SEO and attracting potential customers but graphics help you convert the sale. Too often product images are scattered across different folders in several versions. Unfortunately, this leads to mismatched product pages, an inconsistent digital presence, and lost sales.

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A Better Way to Create Retail Product Setup Sheets

Catsy is a leading PxM solution that makes it easy to sync your product content across all of your sales channels. Start sending synchronized product information to retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and more for a seamless and consistent retail presence. End your frustration (and messy, error-prone load sheets) with software designed to maximize brand exposure and reduce your stress.

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Perfect a Self-Serve Sales Portal

Over and over again we hear about small teams spending too much time in the weeds. Marketers constantly field requests from sales reps for the right product images. Customer Service reps spend far too long tracking down product specs to answer customer issues. CEO’s fumble at sales meetings trying to track down product information for your latest product launch. Our PMI software eliminates wasted time, allowing your entire team to find the right product details without the hassle.

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The Product Information Management Features You Need to Succeed

Advanced Product Search

Search by keyword, part number, advanced, structured, parametric or category.


Item attributes such as (descriptions, unit of measures, weights, etc) can be made to conform to standards easily.

Security & Role Management

Give selective users and teams access to write, edit, publish and more.

Digital Asset Management

Centralize and organize your images, artwork and documents in a searchable database.

Product Cross Reference

Manage product cross-references for out-of-stock or replacement products situations.

Data Integration

With the date integration module your print catalogs can be fully integrated with your ERP system.

Reporting & Measurement

Run reports such as Item Variance Reports, Category Cariance, Cross-Reference, & Item Details

Open Architecture

Catsy is built from the ground up to keep data openly accessible for other systems and IT personnel.

Kits and Accessories

Catsy supports linking and storage of product kits and related accessories.