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Unified Product Information & Digital Asset Management

HHow Catsy PIM Software Helps You Win

Improve Speed To Market

Gotta launch those products at warp speed? Our PIM solution is the turbo boost you need! Slash through wait times, leave competitors eating dust, and zoom into the market. We are all about lightning-fast efficiency, loading up your rich and fabulous content for a market blast that will leave others eating dust! • Bring products to market quickly • Reduce listing delays • Boost results with an agile process

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Get Consistent Across Channels

Hungry for that consistent flavor across every channel? With content reusing, content management, and content shaping formulas baked in, you can make your product information sing in perfect harmony across all your sales channels! • Deliver consistent content across channels • Improve customer satisfaction • Reduce returns with accurate product information

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Raise the bar on Search & Discoverability

No more blending in! Stand out with unique product descriptions. Our PIM software’s secret sauce makes your products & assets more findable. We're all about boosting your brand's spotlight with our game-changing tools. Get ready to stand out and be discovered like never before! • Simplify product discoverability with filters • Improve search engine results • Deliver consistent content to site search

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Expand Channel Coverage

Our PIM solution will expand your brand's turf with our stellar integrations. Get set to conquer new ground and reach users like never before! • Add new channels to grow your business • Simplify entry into new markets • Reuse content with ease

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Enrich your Content Effortlessly

Completeness scoring? Categorization? Swift updates? Custom attributes? You got it. Our PIM & DAM Software is built to elevate your product information strategy effortlessly so it stands out, engages, and converts like never before. • Capture rich content to increase engagement • Cut out manual processes with user-friendly API • Minimize dual effort

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Boost Agility with Automation

Time to turbocharge your workflow! With our PIM & DAM solution and automation, it's like having a magic wand. Zap tedious tasks, speed things up, and voila! Get set to zip through product launches and updates! • Automate updates with integrations • Publish globally with less effort • Manage all content from ONE Source of change

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How PIM System Works

1. Aggregate

Ditch the spreadsheets once and for all. Manual management of product data leaves your data fragmented, missing, and inaccurate. Catsy’s import mapping for import profile tools streamlines product information and data aggregated into one single source of truth, a “command center,” if you will, for your teams to powerfully operate out of.

  • Import Mapping
  • Import Profiles
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2. Categorize

Navigating product information should not be a cryptic journey, causing frustration for your teams and customers alike. Catsy PIM transforms the customer experience and product experience. Craft an intuitive product landscape, enhancing items with unlimited attributes. The result? Dynamic search capabilities on your website and within the PIM platform.

  • Intuitive Taxonomy
  • Unlimited Attributes
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3. Enrich Content

In the rush of manual product data management, teams often lack time for crucial content enrichment. Catsy PIM's tools, like data validation and channel templates, ensure swift and accurate data verification. Boost conversions and discoverability by effortlessly aligning with each channel's preferred format.

  • Data Validation
  • Channel Templates & Data Quality
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4. Analyze

Post-enrichment, product data management remains an ongoing process. With Catsy's dynamic enrichment dashboards, your teams effortlessly analyze product status. Track tasks at a granular product level or switch to broader views for a comprehensive overview of your product data landscape. Keep up with evolving channel requirements and product updates seamlessly with Catsy.

  • Completeness Scoring
  • Readiness Reports
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5. Add Export Channels

When your data is primed for customer-facing channels, Catsy simplifies syndication. Leverage the out-of-the-box API or export in channel-specific formats with Catsy's export profiles. Seamlessly publish perfected product data across channels, ensuring an efficient workflow for your team.

  • API
  • Export Profiles
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6. Share

Sharing assets or digital product catalogs with customers, shareholders, sales, or customer service teams can be cumbersome. Streamline communication effortlessly with Catsy, ensuring a seamless and efficient self-serve sharing experience for your teams and stakeholders.

  • Brand Portal
  • Lightboxes
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Automated Pim Tools For Accuracy & Precision

Product Management Tools That Are Purpose-Built To Optimize Compelling Product Content For Maximized E-commerce Sales.

Completeness Score

Eliminate gaps in product descriptions effortlessly, centralize product content ensuring complete products 100% of the time with Catsy PIM.

Promote product kits and accessories

- Link products for kit and accessory recommendations- Re-use product content across variations, as well as link products for kit and accessory recommendations.

Content Grading Score

Align content with distributor requirements using Catsy PIM's distributor-specific content grading tool.

Seamless API

Catsy's API allows you to create a single source of truth. Connect with ERP and other channels to eliminate dual entry and speed up efficiency.

Intuitive Categorization

Create a hierarchical product categorization strategy for an optimized product data management experience with Catsy PIM.

Our Product Information Management System Premium Features

Integrate with InDesign for customized price books in a matter of clicks.

Catsy PIM's integration with InDesign allows you to select custom products and add custom pricing quickly to price book templates, perfect for those last minute sales pitches.

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Dynamically sync to all major eCommerce channels.

Catsy PIM's vast channel range allows you to continue publishing on current distribution channels while expanding to new channels. Catsy PIM supports distributor sync with Grainger, Ferguson, Fastenal and much more.

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Expand to markets across the globe.

Sell your products to customers in markets across the globe with Catsy PIM's localization tools. Apply multiple languages and currency attributes to a single product.

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PIM Tools To Save Time And Boost Revenue

Catsy Product Management Tools Reduce Your Workload With Automation. Product Content For Maximized Ecommerce Sales.

Inventory Management

With ERP integration, inventory data can flow into Catsy PIM and link to products before pushing to your eCommerce site.

Channel-Ready Export

Publish to target channels quickly in the correct format with Catsy PIM�s distributor product export templates.

GDSN Integration

Send accurate product data directly to your distributor and retailer pipeline with GDSN x PIM integration.

Role Collaboration

Collaborate on product updates and new product introductions with teammates in real-time, using secure roles.

Leverage Sales with Product Data

Sell Globally
Sell Globally
  • Multilingual support
  • Store currencies
  • Manage dimensions
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  • Complete onboarding support
  • Comprehensive training sessions
  • Dedicated customer success rep
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  • Recommended actions
  • Content grading
  • Completeness scoring
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FAQs - Top Product Information Management Solution

Getting products to market and selling products faster can be a complex management process, thankfully Catsy is here to help.

What is a PIM?
PIM stands for Product Information Management (PIM), a crucial component of product experience management. PIM is a product information management software that allows businesses to manage product information and content within a single source of truth. PIM has cloud-native API functionality that centralizes product details, allowing businesses to syndicate product information directly to eCommerce channels.
What is an example of PIM?
PIM (product information management) is software that automates much of the process of preparing products for the eCommerce market. Catsy is an example of a PIM.
What is PIM and why is it important?
PIM is a product information management software that helps businesses manage content for both eCommerce and physical stores. PIM is important because it enables businesses to start selling products on the marketplace faster, reaching more customers (and revenue).
Who uses a PIM system?
Many teams within a business benefit from a PIM system: product managers, marketers, sales teams, stakeholders, and even customers can use a PIM system within a secure user interface. The largest benefactors of a PIM, however, are marketers.
What is a PIM data model?
A PIM Data Model is a data model that provides the foundation for unified and standardized product information. This data model includes information, characteristics, and details about a product in order to drive growth and improve the economic outlook in product-focused organizations.
Which sources feed the PIM system?
An ERP is the main source of information that directly feeds a PIM system. In addition to direct ERP integration, many businesses import product information themselves using intuitive mapping tools and import profiles.