Two powerful SaaS platforms, one steady stream of revenue.

CommerceCloud x Catsy PIM Integration

Dominate multiple markets with accurate product information.

Speed to market with ERP, PIM, DAM and eCommerce integration.

Begin optimizing product information quickly with seamless ERP and PIM connection. Publish to multiple CommerceCloud stores in bulk for a fast, efficient process.

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Optimize B2B and B2C omni channel content from one repository.

Empower team members to work out of single source of truth, complete with product version history and automated content grading tools.

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Update products in bulk for all stores.

Product updates are seamless in Catsy PIM. Make necessary changes once and sync to all channels to keep products up-to-date and accurate 100% of the time.

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Ensure relevant search results on CommerceCloud and e-retailer sites.

Fuel fast and accurate search results with attributes and faceted search optimization in Catsy PIM for your CommerceCloud stores and other e-retailer partners.

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Tools for enhancing product content in bulk.

Publish the most accurate and up-to-date products to your CommerceCloud stores using automated PIM tools.

Completeness Scoring

Measure the completeness of products before publishing to CommerceCloud stores. Ensure your products include complete information, every time.

Content Grading

Grade content according to distributor and eCommerce spec requirements, including CommerceCloud.

Secure Access

Granular access management empowers team members to upload data or update products securely.

SalesForce CommerceCloud Export

Export product data in specific eCommerce, retailer or distributor formats using Catsy templated export, ensuring accurate and complete products.

PIM and DAM features used to fuel sales on CommerceCloud.

Glitch-free content creation and eCommerce selling.

With two cloud platforms driving your product marketing and sales content, you won't have to employ an IT team to fix glitches or slow down your sales process with unexpected interruptions.

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Start selling immediately with Catsy's large catalog sync.

High limit APIs make publishing large catalogs a breeze. Publish products in bulk to all channels, including CommerceCloud stores, e- retailers and marketplaces.

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Smooth digital asset publish and sharing.

Catsy's complete digital asset management library allows you to optimize digital assets with meta data and export in any format you like, for distribution to internal teams, catalogs, retailers and CommerceCloud stores.

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Dynamic hierarchical taxonomy for quick find-ability in Catsy and on e-retailer sites.

A structured taxonomy for your products empowers your teams to find what they're looking for exactly when they need it. The structure also serves as a foundation to fast and easy faceted search on e- retailer sites.

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Endless persona management for a single product.

Funnel targeted products to multiple Salesforce CommerceCloud stores.

Digital Assets

Keep all photos in a central location to choose from when publishing products to different CommerceCloud stores.

Titles and Descriptions

Add different titles and descriptions for products to a product for use on multiple CommerceCloud stores.


Pick and choose which attributes to represent a product based on the CommerceCloud store you're posting to.


Manage dimensions for all eCommerce store locations from a single source of truth.


Optimize content for products sold in multiple countries with localizations stored for all stores in one place.


Manage and update price costs according to currency in Catsy's centralized PIM.

Manage Multiple Stores
Manage and update products on multiple Commerce Cloud stores from a central location.
Ensure Consistency
Promote consistent product data everywhere your products appear: online, in catalogs and in retailer marketing materials.
100% Accuracy
Ensure products are accurate 100% of the time with Catsy's grading and validation tools and channel export functions.
High Limits API
A high limits API allows your team to sync large catalogs into Catsy for optimization and out of Catsy for enhanced sales on all channels.
A Single Repository
All product information and digital assets in a single repository enhance end products and empower teams to work efficiently.
Intuitive Taxonomy
An intuitive hierarchal taxonomy in Catsy PIM enhances the organization both in PIM and on eCommerce sites.
Channel-Specific Export
Export products faster and more efficiently with channel-specific grading and export tools in Catsy PIM.
ERP Integration
Integration with you ERP system allows SKUs to freely flow from system to system, bypassing manual error.
Secure Collaboration
Marketing, logistics, engineering and sales teams can work securely in a central ecosystem, for faster product to market workflows.