CATSY CLOUD: Publish with Ease

Publish to channels, quickly.

Fast multi-channel publishing for optimum product speed to market.

Quickly publish to all channels.

Manage product content in a single source of truth and publish products to all relevant channels at once.

Publish images instantly.

Using Catsy's built-in Digital Asset Management, publish images immediately after adding attributes.

Product Validation

Publish correct product specs every time with Catsy's customized product validation scoring.

One step catalog publishing.

Create catalogs quickly by selecting only the products you want to feature and publish directly to catalogs.

Publish thousands of products at once.

Effortlessly import and export your largest catalogs without error thanks to Catsy’s high limit API.

Automate distributor spec formatting.

Select only the products you want to share with distributors, pick a template to export to and your products are channel ready.

CATSY CLOUD: Skip Tedious Processes

Industry leading export tools.

Catsy export tools shortcut your processes, saving countless hours in export prep.
Rename multiple products at once.
Dynamically link products together. When an asset is renamed, all linked products are updated.
Publish your largest catalogs.
Save countless hours of manual work creating your largest product catalogs using Catsy's dynamic bulk sync and export tools.
InDesign, Excell and CSV integration.
Export directly into InDesign, Excell or CSV in custom distributor or eCommerce spec.
Simple distributor spec export.
Select products and export directly to channels in accurate distributor spec.
Export in any format.
Export assets in the format that's best for you, including conversion to URLs, files or dynamic links.
CATSY CLOUD: Share Dynamically

Support teams & partners with secure sharing.

Empower partners, internal teams and shareholders with secure access to your best brand assets.

Bring partners into your circle.

Allow trading partners to login to your brand's personalized portal and self-serve products in a custom format.

Support your sales teams.

Along with partners, sales teams have access to your branded portal to enhance presentations on the spot.

Share accurate spec sheets on the fly.

Quickly create fully customized spec sheets with selected products and attributes to share with customers.

Send assets securely via Lightboxes.

Pick and choose the products you want to send to a retail partner or internal team, or share your entire asset collection in a secure lightbox.

You choose who has access.

Secure product information and digital assets by allowing publish and export rights to specific employees.

Multi-Store Shopify Publishing
Keep all Shopify stores updated with multi-store Shopify publishing.
BigCommerce Publishing
Take B2B products to market quickly with BigCommerce intergration.
Export to Excel
Export product information in customized columns directly to Excel.
Export in Bulk
Access and export only products you want and need in bulk.
Publish to Marketplaces
Easily publish thousands of products to catalogs.
Export to Distributor Spec
Export assets and critical products information in distributor spec.
Share with Partners
Bring partners into your inner circle by providing access to a secure branded portal.
Validate Product Pages
Set validation standards and approve product pages before publishing pages.
Share via Lightbox
Easily share any and all assets with anyone through secure lightboxes.


With a world of information available to you, finding what you need to grow your ecommerce business can be a challenge.
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