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Take your eCommerce business to the next level with Catsy's all-in-one DAM and PIM solution.

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It All Starts With
Your Sales Channels

Sync & Aggregate data from ERP and CRM
and then push to your sales channels and/or
your internal audience.

Drive Revenue With A Single Source Of Truth

Manage & synchronize product attributes and digital assets from one single source of truth.

See The Platform In Action
Digital Assets
Product Attributes
Audit History
Self Serve Portal

Centralized, Organized, And Ready To Share With Bulk Exports

  • Enrich content and diagnose content gaps at the source.

  • Organize PNGs, JPGs, PDFs, Mp4, 360-Spins, and more.

  • Never lose a photo with tagging and version control.

Accurate, Complete Content Converts More Buyers

  • Check for gaps in product attribute completeness across the entire catalog.

  • Add videos, PDFs, and of course, product images!

  • Check for completeness across categories with ease.

Discover Gaps, Get To Market Fast

  • Check for Gaps in Product Attributes Completeness across entire catalog.

  • Know where you’re at content-wise for every channel.

  • Check for completeness across Categories with ease.

Accelerate Time To Market With Automated Workflow

  • Turn content gathering into a team sport.

  • Receive notifications directly from your inbox.

  • Release NPIs and updates in record time.

Guard Your Brand Experience With Granular Access

  • Promote confidence in your product with managed role access.

  • Expand coverage to more channels as well as internal/external partners.

  • Customizable access control lets you cater to each audience with confidence.

Never Lose An Asset While Making Your Team More Efficient

  • Share correct asset versions with 100% certainty.

  • Track all changes made to an asset over time.

  • Maintain organization and stay agile at scale with ability to revert changes.

Empower End Users With Self-Serve Portal

  • Improve time to market by getting content to internal and external teams easily.

  • Reduce workload by giving partners self-serve access to content.

  • Linking products to kits, categories, filters, and other means of classification gives a superior way to manage your product information.

Make Catsy an Extension of Your Team

Our mission is to provide unrivaled support for your satisfaction.

A Proven DAM & PIM Solution

"Once we introduced Catsy it was much easier to manage we input all the information into one database and from that we created all our materials so we had to make a change we made at one place and then repopulated our sheets and catalogues and Voila! Consistency. "

Kammi Wilson,
Associate Marketing Director

Anneal Pharmaceuticals (4,000+ Employees)
See Catsy in Action

Why Choose Catsy?

Quickly create retailer and distributor-ready product content with industry standard features.

Purpose-Built Tools & Features

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Speed To Market

Having one organized and streamlined way to execute your go-to-market strategy is possible with Catsy’s automated grading tools and workflows. Skip tedious completeness reviews and speed products to the marketplace with consistency.

SKU Coverage

Sell products in more locations to increase opportunities for new revenue. Integration with ERP ensures SKUs flow freely into PIM.

Brand Awareness

Enhance brand awareness as PIM and DAM work in tandem to ensure your products are represented with accuracy and consistency in all stores.

Accurate Products

Ensure all products are the most accurate and up-to-date on all channels at all times with a centralized PIM & DAM.

Nightly Sync

Set a standard nightly sync or customized daily syncs for all channels depending on how often your team updates data.

Optimized Content

Optimize and manage all product and asset data from a single source of truth before exporting to channels.

Publish to Multiple Channels

Manage all channel data from a central location, publishing to multiple channels at once with ease.

Customized Templates

Publish products to channel quickly with customized channel templates that organize product data according to channel specs.

Self-serve Brand Portal

Share valuable brand assets, catalogs, spreadsheets and more with partners through a secure brand portal.