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PIM for Retailers

How Catsy Helps Retailers Win

Faster Time To Value

Skip completeness reviews and speed products to the marketplace. Equip brands with required attribute templates for fast PDP updates.

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Increased SKU Coverage

Increase revenue significantly by decreasing SKU coverage gaps. Quickly onboard new and trending products before your competitors.

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Brand-to-retailer Pipeline

With a streamlined data flow from brand submission to PDP, Catsy makes it easy for retailers to prep products for eCommerce with user-friendly automated tools.

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Boost ROI

Get ahead of the game by removing the pain. Spend more time enriching content for higher conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction.

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How it Works

1. Standardize

Brands collect and manage all data, from supplier to store, in one centralized place.

2. Grade

Better quality and breadth of product data make it easier for brands to meet retailer content requirements. Retailers can identify gaps in product content through Catsy's real-time reporting and notifications.

3. Validate

Fill gaps and make updates to products on the spot using Catsy's automated tools.

4. Approve

Simpler and quicker processes mean products go live faster, and PDP quality is consistently higher.

5. Go Live

Easily go live with complete, accurate, and enhanced PDPs.

6. Drive Revenue

Brands' products stay up to date, allowing retailers to focus on enhanced digital content
that will drive incremental revenue. Linking
product kits and accessories, for example.

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Leverage Sales with Product Data

Sell Globally
Sell Globally
  • Multilingual support
  • Store currencies
  • Manage dimensions
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  • Complete onboarding support
  • Comprehensive training sessions
  • Dedicated customer success rep
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  • Recommended actions
  • Content grading
  • Completeness scoring
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Getting products to market faster can be a complex process, but thankfully Catsy is here to help.
What is Catsy?
Catsy simplifies the way retailers manage and publish product content across retail channels. A cloud-based PIM and DAM solution, retailers operate out of a single source of truth to drive revenue using a three-step strategy: normalize data, validate for completeness, and speed products to market.
Do you offer a trial?
Yes. When you request a demo of Catsy, our team works with you to understand the bottlenecks slowing down your product-to-market process. After diagnosing solutions required for your team, we’ll set up a trial account for you according to your use-case.
What is Product Information Management?
Product information management (PIM) is the streamlined process of centralizing product data for enrichment and publication on multiple sales and marketing channels, increasing product findability, accuracy and completeness to drive revenue for ogranizations.
Why is Product Information Management important for Retailers?
PIM and DAM are built to reduce time-to-value for your retail business. The faster your team can create more accurate and actionable content, the better the results your organization will achieve. With quality product information, the following departments in your organization can benefit: marketing, customer service, sales and operations
Does Catsy PIM have an attribute limit?
No. Catsy enables unlimited attributes for all customers at the starter, professional, and enterprise levels.

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How Catsy Helps Retailers Win
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