Synchronize All Product Data & Digital Assets in One Product Database

Product Information Management (PIM)

Centralized product data creates a single source of truth, empowering entire companies—from CEO to customer service representatives—to utilize the most up-to-date and accurate product information for ultimate collaboration. The Catsy PIM creates a streamlined product content database to help you focus on product content syndication for better brand awareness and sales growth.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Product content is nothing without the right images. So, store your product images, diagrams, and videos alongside your product information. Let Catsy DAM store current and approved images in dozens of different file types and auto-generate low-res thumbnails for you. For maximum efficiency, it is easily searchable to ensure team members only access and distribute the latest versions in the most optimized formats.

Equip Your Team With Accurate Product Information Wherever, Whenever They Need It

Create a Single Source of All Product Data & Approved Imagery

Eliminate confusion around multiple sources, sometimes inaccurate, product information. With Catsy’s product information centralization inconsistent, inaccurate, and duplicate product data is a thing of the past. With this “One Source of Truth” you can finally stop stressing over the details.

Facilitate Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Empower your team to use the same platform. By centralizing your product information, you eliminate the data silos that only lead to frustration throughout your company. Catsy’s PIM solution allows different departments and users to upload their specialized data and images in one central location, eliminating messy, disparate spreadsheets. With an increasing amount of brand touchpoints, it’s time to ensure effective cross-departmental communication through a single product information hub.

Take It Further with Catsy’s Product Experience Management (PxM) Solution

Let’s face it: a customer shopping for industrial supplies at Grainger and one searching Amazon for a DIY house fix are expecting different experiences. Each is on a sales journey, looking for your product to make their decision clear. Simply, targeted product copy that addresses their experience is key to converting their sale. The internal synergy and external syndication of PIM software are essential in running a more efficient business but what if it was also a sophisticated tool designed to tailor product descriptions that will increase conversions across all retailers?

Now it is. The Catsy Product Experience Management (PxM) software simplifies taking your products to market while sharpening your base product content to target different buyers no matter where they’re shopping.

Let Catsy's PxM solution help you create higher-converting content.