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Target a wider consumer audience with enhanced product pages.

Immediately start selling to over 200 million Amazon customers.

Catsy PIM integration with Amazon means you can start selling optimized products on Amazon's gigantic eCommerce platform with enhanced product pages, immediately.

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Create optimized product pages for Amazon using a single product view.

Enhanced product content will set you apart from the competition on Amazon's large platform. Create optimized content in PIM before publishing to Amazon.

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Add titles and tags to existing products, tailored for Amazon buyers.

For Catsy PIM users with existing products, simply add titles and tags as separate attributes to existing products for fast, customized product representation on every channel.

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Tools to enhance product content for Amazon, fast.

Tailor product content for selling on Amazon with these four automated PIM tools.

Grading Tool

Catsy PIM grading tool grades your content according to retail and distributor spec requirements, allowing your teams to quickly tailor products for channels.

Recommended Actions

Learn which products you need to update, when you need to update them with Catsy PIM's built-in recommended action checklist.

Completeness Score

Ensure your product includes all necessary content before publishing to Amazon with PIM's completeness scoring.

Amazon-Ready Export

Export products for Amazon Seller Central in the exact format required by Amazon, ensuring smooth and accurate publishing to Amazon.

Amazon + PIM. A winning match on the digital shelf.

Categorize product content with meta fields in Catsy PIM and DAM.

Organize content in an intuitive product hierarchy in Catsy PIM and DAM for fast product findability. Empower your teams to enhance product content quickly. Keep tabs on past and present product content with full version history reports.

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Apply unlimited attributes in PIM for maximized discoverability in Amazon Seller Central.

Fuel faceted search in Amazon Seller Central with unlimited attribute application in Catsy PIM and DAM. Tag product keywords and digital assets so customers discover and purchase your products with ease.

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Enjoy flexible seller options, including FBA and Drop shipping.

Amazon Seller Central makes selling on the platform smooth sailing for manufacturers. Fulfillment by Amazon and drop shipping options ensure your products arrive at your customers door on time.

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Manage all e-retailer pricing for Amazon in PIM.

Many retailers like to have control over the pricing of your products, but with Amazon you're in control. With this flexibility, you can change retail pricing on a whim to compete with competitors. Better yet, you can manage all changes and updates in PIM.

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Centralize Product Content
All product data and digital assets in a single repository with Catsy PIM and DAM solution.
Optimize Product Data
Enhance products tailored to Amazon Seller Central requirements with Catsy PIM and DAM.
Publish to Amazon
Export content in Amazon Seller Central format with Catsy PIM and DAM channel-ready export tools.
Discover Gaps
Immediately begin to discover gaps in product content with Catsy PIM and DAM's centralized solution.
Reach a Wider Audience
Sell products to a wider customer audience with over 200 million active customers on Amazon's platform.
Enhance Product Pages
Stand out on Amazon with enhanced product pages, created in Catsy PIM and DAM solution.
Speed Products to Market
Take products to market faster than ever with Catsy PIM and DAM plus a built in Workflow solution.
Ensure Accuracy
Ensure 100% accuracy for your product pages on Amazon Seller Central with Catsy PIM grading tools.
Hierarchical Taxonomy
Intuitively categorize your products for enhanced discoverability and consistent naming conventions across your brand.