Increase Engagement with Optimized Pages


Drive Conversions With Engaging Pages.

Uninterrupted Product Data Optimization.

Find ways to improve your content.

Discover and resolve gaps in product content the moment your products enter into Catsy.

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Easily create compelling content.

Automatically grade content according to distributor and retailer spec requirements.

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Sell more products, see less returns.

Increase accuracy in product specs and descriptions to provide a clear picture of products to consumers, improving customer confidence and reducing returns.

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Keep things consistent.

Consistent product information across all channels promotes a trustworthy image for your brand.

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Tools to help you accelerate.

Automated features enable you to accelerate the optimization of products for speed to market.

ERP Integration

Allow your SKUs to flow freely between systems with ERP and PIM integration.

Product Validation

Publish correct product specs every time with Catsy's customized product validation scoring.

Completeness Scoring

Know which products are lacking key product data and make updates accordingly.

Channel Templates

Catsy's templated channel formats allow you to optimize content for specific channels, quickly.

Recommended Actions

Know exactly what needs updated & when, with Catsy's recommended actions checklist.

Content Grading
Set a custom grading scale to identify products that are lacking in detail.
Error Reduction
Reduce errors with Catsy's built-in review and approval process.
Product Consistency
Catsy's templates ensure all products are represented with the same standard throughout your brand.
Product Validation
Verify product information is up to distributor/retailer spec standard with Catsy's custom templates.
Continuous Optimization
Once product information and assets are uploaded into Catsy, products are updated on a continuous basis.
Custom Grading Tools
Customize grading, completion, and validation tools to match your unique product needs.
Increased Accuracy
Publish accurate products across all channels with optimum precision.
Product Update Optimization
Easily implement product updates to meet a customized standard for your brand.
Product Page Grading
Grade product pages based on completion and validation scores, with standards set by you.