The Link Between You and Your Market


Level up with an accelerated product content pipeline.

Centralize data in PIM and send it to GDSN like you would for any other channel.

All product information and digital assets optimized in a central location before sending to 1WorldSync GDSN data pool, BigCommerce, Shopify or even your product catalog.

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Reduce friction with suppliers and distributors.

Save valuable time and remove frustrations across the lifecycle of your product by providing accurate, accessible data to your suppliers and distributors in a convenient location. Data sent via a complete package, every time.

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Increase consumer confidence and conversion rates.

With PIM and GDSN propelling your product data forward, your brand's consistent ability to promote accurate product representation will increase consumer confidence and boost conversion rates.

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Speed products to market and meet launch deadlines.

To meet launch deadlines, you must have new product information in the specification format required by all distributors and retailers. PIM and GDSN ensure you have the tools to speed product data to all market channels in a short amount of time.

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Ensure product information is consistently up to date throughout the supply chain.

Following optimization in Catsy, publishing to 1WorldSync's Data Pool will allow your data to be accessed and pulled for marketing, ensuring 100% accuracy and consistency all the way up until point of purchase.

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Grow Globally with GDSN + PIM

Optimize in PIM and DAM, seamlessly connect to the global market with GDSN.
Global Expansion
Automate content to align with international data standards for seamless global expansion.
Content Optimization
Completed content and validation scoring automate the optimization of product content in PIM with seamless sharing to the GDSN pool.
Data Security
Provide a secure manufacturer to distributor pipeline for you product data.
Error Prevention
Automated validation inside PIM ensures data sent around the globe is accurate and error free.
Speed to Market
Take your product to market faster than ever before with PIM and GDSN integration.
Accurate Data
Ensure accuracy for all product data at every stage of the product lifecycle.
Consistent Data
Keep data consistent across all channels, distributors and retailers by giving them access to the same data pool.
Global Expansion
Seamlessly expand operations globally with automated localization in PIM and easy access for distributors through GDSN.
Increased ROI
Accurate, consistent, secure data results in less work for your teams, a better relationship with your distributors and increased sales conversions.
Centralized Data
Centralize all product data, inventory status and digital assets into one central location.
Secure Data
Secure data at its source in PIM and throughout its journey to your distributors and retailers via GDSN.
Complete Products
Send products as a complete package to distributors and retailers, every single time.
ERP Integration
Integrate ERP with PIM for a cohesive ecosystem where data flows, no manual processes required.

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