What is Catsy?
Catsy is a software product suite that makes information management and publishing a quick and easy process. Catsy software includes field-tested best practices that came out of years of implementation. Catsy focuses on creating an integrated single source of truth for product data and digital assets. Learn more about data governance, team-centered content gathering, completeness scoring, and seamless publishing - connect with us!
Why is product information important?
In today's crowded eCommerce marketplace, product information is critical to winning on search results and category pages. The more accurate and actionable your content, the better your organization's results will be. With product information management, the following departments in your organization will benefit: • Marketing • Customer Service • Sales • Operations • Supply Chain • Partners Catsy is an industry leader that supports high-volume catalog creation, built with tools for creating spec sheets and price books. Using an integrated PIM & DAM, send product information along with digital assets to all sales channels, including Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and more.
Why do brands choose Catsy PIM & DAM?
At Catsy, we take pride in our fast implementation that saves you money. We have implemented our system, including publishing setup, for some firms within nine days. This included importing 66,000 products into their information database. While we can't guarantee this speed for every company since sizes and needs differ, we can guarantee results: your product information will become available to all departments that need it, from customer service personnel who can easily access updates and prices without searching through multiple binders, to sales reps who can create a quick catalog to show clients your latest offerings and upgrades. Your company's departments will have up-to-the-second product information at their fingertips, available for print or other applications.
Our IT department can build catalog software. Why should I consider Catsy?
While your IT department could try to build a system, our experience (and those of many firms) has shown that building your own system will cost more and usually doesn't fulfill all the requirements. Catsy has constantly been iterating and improving our platform for 13 years. While your IT department could perhaps make a system, it would have nowhere near the functionality and advanced catalog support that Catsy has. Usually the staff in charge of building a catalog system does not have expertise in creating and implementing product information management systems. Implementing product information management takes a certain skillset: such as API knowledge of publishing software applications like Adobe InDesign and an understanding of the publishing workflow. Here are the main reasons why you should talk to Catsy: we can deliver the same results faster and cost-effectively. Our software applications are built and ready for installation. So you will see results sooner with Catsy. We invested roughly 100 man-years in the research, design, development, and testing of our systems.
Can you provide facts about what other customers have achieved with your software?
In one company that implemented Catsy, product information updates in company catalogs went from 30 days to 3 days with resulting savings and improved product update to customer time. Average hold times in another client's customer service department were reduced from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. Why? The service personnel no longer had to search multiple company binders for product information. Instead, they were able to use Catsy's powerful search functionality to quickly and easily find the information that customers needed - resulting in improved customer satisfaction scores.
What languages does Catsy support in their product?
Catsy is a global brand that supports a localization management tool. In addition, Catsy supports the following languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Croatian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified).
What kind of users and organization types does Catsy work with?
Catsy is the leading PIM & DAM solution for Brands and Distributors in the following industries: building materials, furniture, and industrial kitchen supplies. In addition, Catsy is used by Agencies and Retailers to quickly aggregate product images, product attributes, and marketing copy such as product descriptions, optimize for target customers, and publish to appropriate channels.
What type of support options does Catsy offer?
Catsy takes the "service" part of SaaS seriously by offering ongoing, top-notch technical support for our customers. But don't take it from us, take it from our customers: "Catsy provides unsurpassed customer support." -Lane Rawlings "Customer service and technical support are top-notch! Very accommodating, responsive and are incredible problem solvers. If you have an idea or need, just let them know, and they'll help you figure it out." -Rhonda K. "Catsy's customer success team made the onboarding process as smooth as possible. I see them as a partner, rather than a service." -Catsy User "The guys at Catsy are the most responsive and accommodating folks I had the privilege of working with. Any suggestion I have had to improve Catsy further they have implemented. Now that's customer service!" - Danno M. "Their support team and customer success team are very responsive and basically did everything for us to setup. The best thing is after we were up and running, it wasn't over; their team was always just available to help." - Soo C. "Catsy truly shines with customer service. They are always willing to jump in when we are having issues and make our problems their priority. This has been one of the best companies I have worked with." - Joseph D. "And what's even greater is Catsy's customer service. I have worked with them for several years now and they truly understand our business needs. When something is requested or help is needed, they are extremely helpful and respond very quickly." -Catsy User
What type of training does Catsy provide?
During the onboarding phase, Catsy's team works closely with yours to ensure optimal use by everyone involved. In addition, Catsy provides a searchable knowledge base and video tutorials to help with any additional training your team may want as an extra resource.
What pricing options does Catsy have?
Catsy offers three standard pricing packages. However, Catsy offers tailored plans to fit your particular use case. The best way to better understand your use case and pricing options is to book a demo with our team.
Product information management (PIM) is the process of managing all of the data about products, such as images, descriptions, pricing, etc., which helps marketing teams manage product content, salespeople understand what they're selling, and customer service reps to better help customers. A customer relationship management (CRM) system is designed for tracking customers' interactions with salespeople, while PIM systems track everything related to products.
What integrations does Catsy support?
Catsy supports a variety of direct API integrations, including Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, InDesign, and more. In addition to direct integrations, Catsy has the industry's most extensive channel template library for seamless content mapping & exports. For a complete understanding of the channels, Catsy supports checkout our channels page.