Onboard Products Quickly with a Single Source of Truth

PIM & DAM for Walmart Marketplace

Catsy is Purpose-Built to Help Brands Win

Product Information Management (PIM)

With all product data in one system, quickly discover gaps and enrich content for specific audiences and channels. • Optimize product copy • Utilize custom fields • Offer consistency across all channels

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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

An eCommerce DAM is purpose-built to link digital assets to all related media: images, videos, PDFs, 360 Views, and more! • Organize, manage, and re-purpose images • Easily share digital assets to internal and external channels

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Get Products to Market Quicker

Simplify the way you aggregate, organize, and publish with tools designed for your success. • Discover gaps, optimize content, and coordinate in One Source • Repurpose your workflow to work for you with customizable tools

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Centralize Product Data & Digital Assets in a Single Source of Truth

Deliver consistent content across channels and improve customer satisfaction with accurate information. • Analyze data for completeness by product type, category, and channel • Treat data collection as a team sport using automated workflows

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Publish and Sync Data to All Sales Channels

Add channels with ease using templates from Catsy’s channel template library. • Say goodbye to messy files and multiple file locations • Map attributes and store validation rules easily

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How an eCommerce PIM & DAM Drive Revenue

1. Standardize Product Information

  • Bring in data from many different sources, and conform everything to your brand standard.
  • Say goodbye to the headache of managing multiple excel files.
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2. Ensure Accurate Product Information

  • Guarantee quality before listing products to Walmart Marketplace.
  • Cleanse product data and fill gaps with customizable completeness scoring.
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3. Make Content Gathering a Team Sport

  • Secure user roles give access to appropriate teammates.
  • Automated workflow tools and version history create a streamlined content-gathering process.
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4. Automatic API Sync

  • Introduce large catalogs to PIM through your ERP system.
  • Sync accurate and complete content to channels like Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce & more!
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5. Enrich Content and Maximize Revenue

  • Help buyers make educated purchasing decisions with complete & accurate information.
  • Reduce product returns by minimizing mistakes on the PDP.
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6. Add Unlimited Attributes

  • Enhance product categories with category-specific attributes.
  • Introduce unlimited attributes to your products to ensure success on category pages and search results.
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7. Improve Discoverability & Search

  • Search in bulk by SKU, keyword, or filter.
  • Boost category page discoverability with complete and accurate.
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8. Consistency Across Channels

  • Choose from 100s of channel templates in Catsy’s industry-leading channel template library.
  • Edit products in one location and sync updates to all channels.
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Know where you stand content-wise with readiness reporting for product categories and channels.

Readiness Reporting

Know where you stand content-wise with readiness reporting for product categories and channels.

Manage Entire Catalogs

Seamlessly manage catalogs while toggling in and out of product categories using Catsy’s unique grid view feature.

Add Channels

Rapidly grow your business by adding new sales channels quickly & efficiently.

Sync and Share

Using Catsy is as simple as syncing your ERP, optimizing in PIM & DAM, and sharing to sales channels.

Channel Templates

Tailor content to specific channel requirements with Catsy’s easy-to-use channel templates.


Manage all product attributes for any localization in one single source of truth.

Leverage Sales with Product Data

Sell Globally
Sell Globally
  • Multilingual support
  • Store currencies
  • Manage dimensions
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  • Complete onboarding support
  • Comprehensive training sessions
  • Dedicated customer success rep
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  • Recommended actions
  • Content grading
  • Completeness scoring
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FAQs about Product Information Management System for Shopify

Getting products to market faster can be a complex process, but thankfully Catsy product management solution is here to help.

What is Walmart Marketplace?
The Walmart Marketplace allows customers to shop for items from any retailer at Walmart.com, and then pick up the item(s) at a nearby store location. Customers can also browse through thousands of items available for purchase from other retailers and distribution channels using the Walmart Marketplace.
What is PIM & DAM?
Product information management (PIM) is the process of managing all the data about your company’s products and services, such as pricing, availability, inventory levels, customer service, etc. Digital asset management (DAM) refers to the use of technology for storing, organizing, and accessing digital assets such as images and videos. DAM systems automate processes that were previously manual and help organizations save time and reduce costs..
Are images and products connected in Catsy?
Yes, product images and product data are tightly integrated within the Catsy platform. Product images can be linked to product data, optimized with meta tags, and exported in a channel-ready format - all inside Catsy. With PIM & DAM in the same eCommerce platform, you can get a 360-degree product view for all of your SKUs.
How can I prepare products for Walmart Marketplace with Catsy?
Catsy PIM & DAM include many tools that allow speedy onboarding onto Walmart Marketplace. Catsy makes content gathering team sport with out-of-box automated workflow tools, secure user roles, content management and synchronization and complete version history. Using the Walmart Marketplace channel template, users in Catsy can quickly map appropriate required attributes and then publish them to Walmart.
What is the difference between Walmart and Walmart Marketplace?
The main differences between Walmart and Walmart Marketplace include: 1) Walmart has a higher minimum order amount for any product they sell compared to Walmart Marketplace 2) Walmart has a more extensive selection of items available at lower prices compared to Walmart Marketplace 3) Walmart has free shipping on orders over $35 4) Walmart Marketplace offers customers a variety of discounts when purchasing multiple items from different categories.
Is there an attribute limit in Catsy?
Nope! Catsy offers unlimited attributes to users. With unlimited attributes, Catsy users are able to better equip products to show up in filtered search results.
Does Catsy offer a free trial?
Yes. When you request a demo of Catsy, our team works with you to understand the bottlenecks slowing down your product-to-market process. After diagnosing solutions required for your team, we’ll set up a trial account for you according to your use-case.