CATSY CLOUD: InDesign Integration

Create print-outs with less stress.

Empower your teams to do more in less time.

Up-to-Date Price Books

Ensure product details and price points are the most up-to-date at all times using Catsy's InDesign sync.

Accurate Spec Sheets

Quickly compile product specs, versions, photos and CAD drawings into beautiful, accurate product spec sheets.

Compelling Sell Sheets

Allow your marketing team time to craft compelling descriptions while saving hours of tedious work using Catsy's automation tools.

Consistent Catalogs

Create consistent product offerings throughout your catalog using Catsy's automated product templates.

Ready-To-Go Line Sheets

Ensure your new line of products receive the attention it deserves from wholesalers with Catsy's line sheet templates.

CATSY CLOUD: InDesign Integration

Tools to propel your process.

Save countless hours of catalog prep with Catsy's automation tools.
Multi-Language Support
Create variations of your catalog in multiple languages in a matter of clicks with Catsy.
Consistent Products
All products synced into InDesign from Catsy's single source of truth, for optimized product consistency.
Promote consistency across all brands with pre- formatted catalog templates.
Catalog Refresh
Refresh your catalog at any time with product updates and new introductions.
Work in Tandem
Product managers and catalog designers can make edits simultaneously up until date of publish.
CATSY CLOUD: InDesign Integration

Automated catalog management.

Boost your product catalog return on investment with Catsy's automated catalog creation & management features.

Sync from a single source of truth.

Import your completed products directly from Catsy into your catalog template in InDesign.

Save time with automated tools.

Automated tools in Catsy make it easy for you to complete and approve all components of a product before sync with InDesign.

Quickly make last-minute edits.

Edit products in Catsy and sync to your catalog template, even in the last stages of your catalog development.

Ensure accurate data for all products.

Completeness and validation scoring in Catsy ensure all of your products are up-to-date before syncing with your catalog.

Drive ROI with less creation cost.

Catsy InDesign integration will save your team hours upon hours of labor cost, on top of the ability to store and save your catalog for increased digital access.

Large Catalogs
Create large product catalogs with Catsy's high limits API.
Fast Creation
Turn a week's long project into several days with Catsy's automation tools.
Optimized Content
Import optimized product titles, descriptions, bullet points and images straight from Catsy.
Accurate Data
Ensure accuracy for all products with Catsy's review and approval process before publishing.
Consistent Products
Product templates in Catsy ensure all products across your brand have consistent product data.
Automated Maintenance
Catsy tells you when a product needs updated and syncs product updates to all channels, including catalogs.
Eco Friendly
With publishing from InDesign in any format, you won't need to print as many hard copies of your catalog.
Catalog Refresh
Refresh your catalogs at any time with product updates and new additions.
Increased ROI
Catsy's automation tools save your teams countless hours on creating your product catalog, boosting ROI.


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