Drive Revenue for all Stores from ONE SOURCE

Magento DAM/PIM

Sell products on multiple stores, managed from a central source.

Optimize product content in a "single source of truth" PIM and DAM solution.

Catsy's PIM and DAM enable your teams to optimize all product information and digital assets systematically from a central location before publishing to Magento stores.

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Enhance product pages using a centralized digital asset library.

Tired of balancing folders filed with master files, duplicates and everything in-between? Catsy transforms your digital asset management, storing a single master file of PDFs, Videos, Images and 360 Images in one location.

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ERP integration with Catsy PIM for a seamless product to market optimization workflow.

Seamless connection with ERP and Magento make product updates oh so simple. Update data in Catsy PIM and let the automation do the rest with synchronized updates to ERP and Magento stores.

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Sync thousands of optimized products with Magento.

Effortlessly import and export your largest catalogs without error thanks to Catsy's high limit API. Allow SKUs to flow freely from your ERP to PIM, where your teams can publish optimized catalogs in bulk.

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Speed new and existing products to Magento and your desired channels.

Publish optimized products to Magento stores and retail channels in a matter of clicks using Catsy's industry-leading automated publish tools.

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Tools for B2B and B2C content enhancement.

Optimize in Catsy before publishing to Magento for maximized sales and minimized returns.

Product Validation

The validation tool double checks product specs for consistency and accuracy, alerting your team of error before you publish to Magento.

Recommended Actions

Catsy's Recommended Actions tool tells you what you need to fix on a continuous basis, for fast product optimization.

Content Grading

Set customized grading standards using Catsy's templates for channels such as Magento, Home Depot, Amazon and more.

Digital Asset Export

Export digital assets in distributor/retailer spec, for catalog creation and sales requests as well as Magento stores.

Maximize product page conversion rates.

Discover gaps in content before publishing.

Easily identify specific gaps in content to resolve missing elements in minutes, ensuring all products published to Magento are complete and accurate.

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Strengthen Magento product pages with optimized digital assets.

Publish product pages with 6-8 of your highest quality product photos, 360 photos and videos in a matter of clicks with Catsy DAM. Optimize photos with attributes and ensure only the most up-to-date photos are used at all times.

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Fuel an intuitive eCommerce shopping experience with faceted search.

Improve discoverability of your products and pages with Catsy's faceted search. Apply a broad range of attributes to your products so customers never see a "product not found" notification.

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Leverage product kits and accessories.

Provide more options for your customers on your product pages. Easily create products kits and accessory recommendations in Catsy before publishing to eCommerce sites and distributor channels.

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Multiple personas, linked to a single product.

Centralize product information while keeping persona content separate and organized.

Digital Assets

Use different images, videos and 360 photos for the same product in the context of different use-cases, whether it be B2B, B2C or unique buyer personas.

Titles and Descriptions

Link multiple titles and descriptions to the same SKU based on customer personas.


Create separate sets of tags for the same SKU. Link to the product for easy mult-store publishing.


Attach different measurement dimensions to the same product and seamlessly publish to both your US and Canadian stores.


Create, access and link all translated versions of a product to the same SKU for a fully centralized product variation experience.


Selling products in the US and Europe? Link the American Dollar and Euro as separate currencies to the same product for Shopify multi-store sync.

Manage Multiple Stores
Manage all Shopify stores from a single location with Catsy's PIM and DAM in a single source of truth.
Speed to Market
Take accurate, consistent products to market faster than ever before with Catsy.
Centralize Digital Assets
Publish to all channels from a single source of product information, ensuring products are consistent 100% of the time.
Centralize Product Information
Centralize product information for your entire product catalog before publishing to Shopify.
Create a Single Product View
View product components together in a single view before publishing to Shopify product pages.
Discover Gaps
Within your single product view, easily discover gaps in product information and make appropriate edits.
Grow Globally
Fuel your Shopify stores with accurate language translation and support multiple currencies from one place.
Integrate with ERP
Let your SKUs flow freely between ERP and Catsy, ensuring product information is up-to-date at all times.
Market to Personas
Manage marketing content for multiple personas linked to a single product in Catsy PIM and DAM.