What is PIM?

Product Information Management (PIM)


A PIM Centralizes Product Data

A PIM is an application which collects product data for organization, enrichment, and syndication in One Source of Truth.

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A PIM Optimizes Product Data

With all product data in one system, it is easy to discover key gaps and enrich content for specific audiences and Channels.

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A PIM Tailors Product Data

From one single source of Truth, a PIM allows you to present the right information to the correct channel, regardless of language, currency, or marketplace.

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A PIM Provides Channel Consistency

Manage product content in a single source of truth and publish products to all relevant channels at once.

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A PIM Speeds Products To Market

A PIM allows you to boost results with an agile, optimized process to sync data and push products to market.

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1. Centralize

Collect and organize data into a Single Source of Truth to get products to market faster.

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2. Standardize

Conform data to required technical standards, from source to store, in one centralized place.

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3. Govern

Safeguard clean product data with organized ownership to ensure integrity

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4. Optimize Content

Simpler and quicker processes measure gaps means products can go live faster, and PDP quality is consistently higher.

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5. Collaborate

Product managers, Marketing, Logistics, and more can all directly input data and make edits simultaneously up until date of publish.

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6. Export

Support sales teams and Trading partners through self-serving product information and digital assets in a custom format.

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7. Syndicate

Select only the products you want to share with distributors, pick a Channel template to export to, quickly publish your products globally.

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Getting products to market faster can be a complex process, but thankfully Catsy is here to help.