What is PIM?

Product Information Management (PIM)


A PIM Centralizes Product Data

A PIM is an application which collects product data for organization, enrichment, and syndication in One Source of Truth.

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A PIM Optimizes Product Data

With all product data in one system, it is easy to discover key gaps and enrich content for specific audiences and Channels.

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A PIM Tailors Product Data

From one single source of Truth, a PIM allows you to present the right information to the correct channel, regardless of language, currency, or marketplace.

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A PIM Provides Channel Consistency

Manage product content in a single source of truth and publish products to all relevant channels at once.

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A PIM Speeds Products To Market

A PIM allows you to boost results with an agile, optimized process to sync data and push products to market.

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1. Centralize

Collect and organize data into a Single Source of Truth to get products to market faster.

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2. Standardize

Conform data to required technical standards, from source to store, in one centralized place.

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3. Govern

Safeguard clean product data with organized ownership to ensure integrity

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4. Optimize Content

Simpler and quicker processes measure gaps means products can go live faster, and PDP quality is consistently higher.

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5. Collaborate

Product managers, Marketing, Logistics, and more can all directly input data and make edits simultaneously up until date of publish.

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6. Export

Support sales teams and Trading partners through self-serving product information and digital assets in a custom format.

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7. Syndicate

Select only the products you want to share with distributors, pick a Channel template to export to, quickly publish your products globally.

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Getting products to market faster can be a complex process, but thankfully Catsy is here to help.

What is Product Information Management (PIM)?
Pim Stands For Product Information Management (Pim). Pim Is A Product Information Management Software That Allows Businesses To Manage Product Content Within A Single Source Of Truth. Pim Has Api Functionality That Allows Businesses To Syndicate Product Information Directly To Ecommerce Channels.
What does a PIM do?
PIM Software (product information management software) is built to speed products to sales channels, accurately and efficiently. From collaboration on product descriptions to optimizing content for product catalogs, PIM can do it all when it comes to enhancing the customer journey through product content management. In fact, accurate and consistent product details pages created with PIM drive revenue for businesses while reducing product returns.
What is PIM example?
An example of a PIM (product information management software) is Catsy PIM! What makes Catsy so great is that it is also a Digital Asset Management software. A leader in PIM/DAM Software solutions, Catsy is built to help brands master data management, create accurate product content, easily manage technical specifications, and more! Catsy improves operational efficiency and enhances the buying process for potential customers on the digital shelf. Sign up for a demo of Catsy, your marketing department will thank you!
What are PIM tools?
Product Information Management Software (PIM) tools are automated tools that help brands, distributors and retailers optimize accurate products and complete product listings for sales channels. SaaS Product Information Management solutions include more than tools, they also operate as a full-service solution. Full-service normally includes customer success teams that help you write rules for your PIM tools, providing a customized solution for enhanced product data quality.
What is the benefit of a PIM?
While PIM (product information management solution) includes many benefits, there are a few that stand out. As SKU count grows, PIM makes catalog management, product data management, and customer product experience management possible. In addition, PIMs enhance product details pages with accurate product specifications, relevant product suggestions, and complete product content and product listings to inform smart buying decisions.
Who uses a PIM?
Brands, Distributors, Retailers, and Agencies utilize product information management solutions to enhance product listings and improve time to market. Within these organizations, many teams use PIM as a business application, including (but not limited to): Marketing Teams, Sales Teams, Customer Support teams, Stakeholders, and outside partners. Businesses that use a PIM generally have a better user experience with solutions that include quality product courses, such as Catsy University. The end result? Consistent customer experiences that boost customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, resulting in boosted business growth.
What is the best PIM Platform?
The best PIM platform is one that is suitable for your particular business model. More specifically, the best PIM platform is one that supports your Marketing Channels. For example, Catsy PIM (product information management solution) is the best PIM for Industrial and Commercial Products. Purpose-Built for B2B Brands and Distributors, Catsy supports every major B2B channel, including Grainger, Fastenal, Ferguson, MSC, and more. In addition, Catsy is custom-built to manage complex products typical of B2B businesses. Whether your business is selling products via BigCommerce or Amazon or both, Catsy ensures business growth with correct product assortments, product lifecycle management, and compelling product experiences on all customer touch points. In addition, Catsy PIM allows brands to create custom product attributes, an essential tool for boosting business growth with B2B product content.