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E-commerce Digital Asset Management

How an Ecommerce DAM helps Brands Win

1. Quickly Find Digital Assets

• Stop wasting resources on re-shoots. • Don’t lose deals because images are incorrect. • Repurpose photos at scale.

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2. Save Time With Custom Exports For Ecommerce

• Dynamic workflow with channel spec templates • Save time transforming in bulk • Promptly list products on marketplaces

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3. Empower End Users With Self-Serve Portal

• Share with ease • Improve time to market • Reduce workload

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4. Publish Brand Approved Content

• Promote confidence in your product content • Easily expand to more channels • More return on investment for your assets

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5. Consolidate Your Workflow

• No Dropbox • No Excel files • No We Transfer or FTP

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How it Works

1. Organize Into A Single Source Of Truth

Classify assets (Images, PDFs, 360 Spins, Videos, CAD) in one source of truth, eliminate duplicates, and control version history while linking to your products.

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2. Invite Users & Manage Access

Collaborate with teammates utilizing complete access control.

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3. Find & Retrieve

Search for assets by keywords, tags, or use case.

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4. Share & Export

Share assets internally and externally, export as URLs or files, and rename files with ease.

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5. Go Live

Easily go live with complete, accurate, and enhanced PDPs.

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6. Drive Revenue

Brands products stay up to date, allowing retailers to focus on enhanced digital content that will driveincremental revenue. Linking products kits and accessories, for example.

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Top Features Of An Ecommerce DAM

How an eCommerce DAM is different

An eCommerce DAM is product-centric. It connects images with product information to create a single source of truth.

Templates for Top Retailers

Export images quickly in the correct format with easy-to-use templates. Customize your own templates, known as export profiles.

Share In Real-Time

Seamlessly share images and product information in real-time with lightboxes.

User Role Security

Promote confidence in product content throughout your organization with customizable security settings.

Smart Version Management

Share correct asset versions with 100% certainty & track all changes made to an asset over time.

Unlimited Attributes

Apply unlimited product and keyword attributes to digital assets to share on any channel, any time.

Leverage Sales with Product Data

Sell Globally
Sell Globally
  • Multilingual support
  • Store currencies
  • Manage dimensions
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  • Complete onboarding support
  • Comprehensive training sessions
  • Dedicated customer success rep
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  • Recommended actions
  • Content grading
  • Completeness scoring
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Getting products to market faster can be a complex process, thankfully Catsy is here to help.

What is Digital Asset Management?
Digital Asset Management (DAM) is software that allows companies to organize, manage and store digital assets. Many DAMs are cloud-based and enable users to share assets securely.
What is an eCommerce DAM?
In addition to the same benefits and features included in a generic DAM, an eCommerce DAM is product-centric. It connects images with product information, improving find-ability on category pages within eCommerce platforms.
What is Catsy?
Catsy is a cloud-based PIM and DAM software that simplifies the way businesses manage and publish product content across multiple channels. An all-in-one product content management solution, Catsy enables you to operate out of a single source of truth, speeding up time to market & driving revenue from one source.
Does Catsy offer a free trial?
Absolutely! When you request a demo of Catsy, our team works with you to understand your unique product information and digital asset management issues. After diagnosing the solutions required for your team, we’ll set up a trial account according to your specific use case.
Can I manage product attributes in Catsy DAM?
Yes. In Catsy DAM, digital assets are linked to product information, allowing you to manage product attributes and images in one convenient location.