Manage Centrally &
Share Globally

Digital Asset Management

CATSY DAM: Manage Centrally

Centralize Into a Single Platform

All assets organized within a single source of truth and connected to all product information.

Organize Your Way.

Let your images, pds, 360s, videos, cad drawings, spec sheets, pdfs, etc. flow into one central repository.

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Built-in Duplicate Elimination.

Eliminate duplicates automatically with Catsy's centralized repository, storing all assets in one place.

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Automated Version Control.

Catsy stores the master copy of all assets, to ensure you're working with the most up-to-date version at all times.

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Reuse The Same Image Across Products.

Gone are the days of renaming files over and over, and over again. Link the same image to multiple products using Catsy PIM and DAM.

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CATSY DAM: Manage Centrally

Powerful Search & Discovery.

Improve team workflow and increase ROI with all assets at your fingertips, at all times.
Never lose an asset, ever.
A centralized asset library with powerful search ensure you never lose an asset, ever.
Keyword search.
Search assets by keywords consistent to your brand to find your assets on your terms.
Tag driven search.
Metadata tags fuel filtered search both within DAM and on your eCommerce website.
Search by product numbers.
Find related product assets in DAM even if you only have the product number.
Search by dates.
Can't recall the name of an asset but know you worked on it last week? Search by date.
CATSY DAM: Share Globally

Industry Leading Export Tools.

Export features you won't find anywhere else.

Templates for top retailers.

Automatic export to retailer spec for all of the top B2B retailers, such as Grainger, Ferguson, Fastenal, Zoro, MSC and Amazon.

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Linked to products.

Catsy's centralized PIM and DAM libraries operate in conjunction, centralizing the process further with linked product information to digital assets.

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Resize to eCommerce specifications.

Templated re-size to eCommerce specifications. We keep up with the latest dimensions so you don't have to.

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Rename assets.

Rename assets within the platform before you export, so all changes are recorded in your central system.

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URLs, Files or dynamic links.

Catsy DAM allows you to export assets in the format that's best for you, including conversion to URLs, files or dynamic links.

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CATSY DAM: Share Globally

Share with Partners.

Easily share with outside partners while supporting your sales team with up-to-date assets.
Share in real-time
Collaborate more efficiently by sharing finished assets with partners in real time.
Through a branded portal
Give partners access to your brand portal, where they can self-serve your best brand assets.
Open or Gated Permissions
Control who can view, edit and export your most valuable brand assets.
Lightboxes or entire DAM
Add specific assets to a lightbox and share, or share your entire collection as a lightbox.
Security with Private or Public
Make specific assets and catalogs private or public to certain roles.


Speed to Market
Accelerate new and updated products to all market channels.
Export to Distributor Spec
Bulk export assets to correct distributor specs using DAM templates.
Centralize All Digital Assets
Find, compare and select digital assets faster than ever.
Find Quickly with Metadata and Search
Find the correct assets fast with clean, reliable metadata using Catsy’s templated format.
Organize and Version Assets
Customize the organization of your assets. Access all versions with ease.
Never Lose Assets
Never lose an asset again with centralized, organized search.
Share with Anyone (But Not Everyone)
Easily share assets with anyone, decide who sees what with user roles.
Self Serve Brand Portal
Allow internal teams and outside partners to access and download assets they need.
Secure Access
DAM and Brand Portal is available only to those with secure access.

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