10 Product Designer Quotes to Inspire Your Marketing Efforts

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Product Designer Quotes

Ready to dive into your design project? A little boost in the form of these product designer quotes can be the best way to kickstart your day–especially when you’re feeling stuck. These ten inspiring design quotes are just the sort of creative fuel necessary to kick those ideas into overdrive, taking the design process from simple concept to stunning creation.

1. “Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. People think it’s this veneer – that the designers are handed this box and told, ‘Make it look good!’ That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

2. “Our role is to imagine products that don’t exist and guide them to life.” – Apple designer Christopher Stringer

3. “It’s all about one thing: creative problem-solving to get the story out.” – Bob Greenberg, founder, chairman and CEO of R/GA

4. “The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.” – designer, educator and author Victor Papanek

5. “Good design is good business.” – retired IBM CEO Thomas Watson, Junior

6. “Only when the design fails does it draw attention to itself; when it succeeds, it’s invisible.” – typographer and book designer John D. Berry

7. “(Design is) a plan for arranging elements in such a way as to best accomplish a particular purpose.” – furniture designer Charles Eames

8. “Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” – designer Joe Sparano

9. “Like all forms of design, visual design is about problem solving, not about personal preference or unsupported opinion.” – author and product designer Bob Baxley in “Making the Web Work”

10. “When we look for new technologies and ways to guide the future, then we, like Leonardo (da Vinci), should think about humans and their needs. Leonardo was concerned about commerce, security, education, medicine and urban design. He was very eclectic in his thoughts and he was also very practical. He wanted to see real things get built. He also was concerned about aesthetics. (…) Instead of trying to apply the latest new technology, we start by asking what is it that people want to do in their lives?” – professor, computer scientist and author Ben Shneiderman.

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