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Lane Rawlings

Business Owner (1,000+ Employees)

"As a two-year user of Catsy daily, I have provided input, asked questions, sought guidance, support, and assistance, and have never been disappointed in the Catsy Team’s response. Catsy provides unsurpassed customer support.

Catsy resolves all issues, follows through to customer satisfaction, and gently guides our vision to success. "

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We'll have a short call with you to identify your project scope. How many channels do you have? Which eCommerce platforms do you use? This will allow us to plan a customized demo for you.

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2. Customized Demos

After our disovery call we'll set up a series of customized demos to ensure we're the right fit for each other. You'll get to see exactly how your products can be managed inside Catsy's powerful system.

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If it turns out we're the right fit, we'll get started with the onboarding process! Catsy's onboarding and customer success team will be with you every step of the way as you import products, adjust to our use-friendly dashboard, and publish your first products.

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