Advanced DAM + PIM for Distributors

Live webinar event for Distributors                         Aug 17 @ 12 CST


Seize the Market: Boosting Profits
with Advanced DAM & PIM for Distributors

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Aug 17 @ 12 CST

dam & pim for distributors

You'll Discover:

Inspiration: How to identify challenges and opportunities when preparing product                                  content for the PDP

Practical knowledge: tips to streamline content entering & exiting  your database

A game plan: Insights on how DAM & PIM drive more revenue with automated                                            tools built for Distributors

Created for Distributors like you.

Barriers in the go-to-market process do more than slow down speed to market, they create large inaccuracies that effect conversion rates.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss specific challenges for distributors, potential impacts on revenue, and practical solutions. You’ll learn how PIM & DAM can automate your process and flag down errors before you publish to channels.

Every Thursday @ 12 CST | 25 minutes

Meet our Guest Speakers

Liz - dam & pim for distributors
CJ - dam & pim for distributors
Robert - dam & pim for distributors
Elizabeth Byrd

Marketing at Catsy

Ceejay Teku

CEO & Co-Founder of Catsy

Robert Cohen

  Marketing & Sales at Catsy

dam & pim for distributors

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dam & pim for distributors

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the webinar? We have answers!

Catsy is the only industry-leading PIM & DAM software that is purpose-built with Distributors in mind. Catsy provides a single source of truth for marketing, purchasing, and sales teams to securely operate out of, alongside automated data & digital asset governance tools.

PIM (product information management) & DAM (digital asset management) are powerful software solutions that solve common challenges distributors face, such as: scattered images, multiple image types, fragmented data, and various naming mechanisms. PIM & DAM are commonly built on seperate platforms, but Catsy offers an all-in-one solution.

Absolutely not! This webinar provides practical tips for anyone looking to work better together when preparing products for the marketplace. We will talk about PIM & DAM but you will not be pressured into making any purchases. 

This webinar is crafted specifically for distributors. If you are a brand, retailer or agency, stay tuned for more upcoming webinar events.