5 Ways a Robust Shopify PIM Drives Revenue

shopify pim

As your product catalogs grow in size or quality, you’ll find yourself needing a well-equipped PIM. Shopify, while made to withstand scaling and multiple storefronts, may need a boost in the product information management area. With its API-capabilities and the ability to handle custom attributes and product variant options, the PIM software you choose must […]

How PIM Transforms Product Catalog Creation.

Catalog Creator

For decades, companies have been creating product catalogs. Even with the rise of eCommerce and digital transformation, it is increasingly clear that product catalogs aren’t going anywhere. Many marketers and product managers have difficulty nailing down an efficient process for catalog creation. The solution: PIM can make catalog creation easier, and product catalogs more compelling. […]

B2B Shopify: A Match Made in Heaven for B2B eCommerce?

B2B Shopify

As a B2B product marketer, you’ve probably spent time thinking about which eCommerce platform can suit your while many platforms were built to drive B2C revenue. While not originally designed for B2B eCommerce, one solution is becoming increasingly popular: B2B Shopify. Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Powering over 841,000 stores in […]

B2B eCommerce: Why All B2B Businesses Need eCommerce Sites.

ecommerce sites

By the end of 2021, the global eCommerce market is expected to total $4.89 trillion as more businesses continue to embrace digital transformation. That is why B2B sellers are now dedicating 55% of their marketing budget to digital efforts. In fact, those who currently do not have a website are planning to start a B2B […]

Having Accurate Product Data Is Critical For eCommerce Growth

Have you made an online purchase that arrives entirely different from what you expected? Maybe a new pair of red gloves arrived in a shade of pink or your new boots have a 1 inch heel instead of 1/2 inch. The point is, you didn’t receive what you thought you bought. 89% of people making […]

10 Essential PIM Features You Need to Upgrade Your Product Data

essential pim features

When adopting a product information management software, businesses must consider what PIM features it has – its capabilities, capabilities, and configurability. The beauty of PIM lies in its automation. By streamlining repetitive, inevitable tasks that come along with the eCommerce business saves manual workload while fighting mistakes and inaccuracies. Moreover, its intuitive internal platform makes […]

PIM Digital Asset Management: 7 Advantages of Scalable Visual Content

PIM asset management

Visual content is nothing to cut corners about, especially not when conveying to shoppers the full breadth of a product. However, as nice as visuals look on the product page, getting them there is a whole process behind the scenes. One that, without a proper strategy, can make or break the impact of your visual […]

Role-Based vs. Attribute-Based Access Control Security in PIM Software

rbac vs abac: access control pim software security

Running an online business without robust security measures in place is like taking one step forward, and two steps back. For every error, breach, and unauthorized usage of product information, there’s double the work, time, and costs of solving the issue. Security is important especially when it comes to product information management systems. Many PIMs […]