10 Essential PIM Features You Need to Upgrade Your Product Data

essential pim features

When adopting a product information management software, businesses must consider what PIM features it has – its capabilities, capabilities, and configurability. The beauty of PIM lies in its automation. By streamlining repetitive, inevitable tasks that come along with the eCommerce business saves manual workload while fighting mistakes and inaccuracies. Moreover, its intuitive internal platform makes […]

COVID-19 Ecommerce 2020: How Brands Can Increase Ecommerce Growth

This post is a part of a three-part blog series on grasping and holding onto ecommerce growth as brands in the COVID-19 climate. Read on to see what values customers and ecommerce brands are significant today.  By now, brands have witnessed exponential growth in online shopping. It’s no secret that ecommerce is the dominating channel […]

How to Hang on to your eCommerce Gains During COVID-19

We have witnessed accelerated ecommerce gains firsthand. Now, at the cusp of opening up the economy any day now, online businesses are apprehensive. Where do we go from here to maintain the gains that COVID-19 has inadvertently given ecommerce? More importantly, how do we switch to prioritizing customer satisfaction in the new digital age? To […]

7 Reasons PIM Workflow Inspires Collaboration and Efficiency

PIM Workflow Collaboration Efficiency

No matter the size of a business, implementing a PIM workflow can be extremely beneficial to productivity.  There always comes a point in an organization’s growth when it’s harder to keep up with the same tasks. Perhaps there are more products to sell. More employees. There’s definitely more data to manage. Scaling is great, but […]

Top 8 Tips to Master Magento with PIM

Magento PIM

For Magento, PIM software can supercharge your potential to scale your business. Magento is abundant with resources, for both the small and the large enterprise businesses. But your success depends on how you utilize Magento and what tools you exploit. For example, using PIM (product information management) software could make a world of difference. In […]