How Catsy Strengthens B2B Customer Relationships with Accurate Data

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Think about the relationships you have with your most valued customers. Likely, they’re the customers who return to you again and again. You know them personally and provide them with top-notch customer support. And they keep on coming back. The question is, how can you strengthen all B2B customer relationships and ensure repeat business on all fronts? Catsy’s strategy: empower all teams with centralized, accurate product data.

When you’re at the store buying a pair of pants do you even talk to a sales assistant? Let alone develop a lasting working relationship with them? Probably not. Why would you, pants are changing all the time. Furthermore, the decision you make probably won’t impact how you perform your job.

This is the defining difference between B2C and B2B eCommerce customer relationships. B2B products have a much longer market presence. Providing a good understanding of product details and function can make a defining difference in customer satisfaction.

Accurate, compelling data is especially crucial for B2B customer relationships. According to a survey by Net Solutions; B2B companies are expected to increase online sales by 25%. The goal is to make shopping for products online easier for new and returning customers alike.

It is data that drives and influences the decision making process for buyers. Consistent data and product representation over time create an element of trust. Add in additional user guides and installation documents, and you have a recipe for customer success.

Each element to the buyer journey is connected with product data. In this blog, we’ll discuss how customer relationships can be strengthened with the help of Catsy PIM, DAM and Workflow.

Consistent, accurate data on all channels create an element of trust.

Consistency of accurate data is the foundation by which trust is built between your brand and your buyers, including prospects who may want to engage with you in the future.

We are currently living in a highly competitive market where prospects are empowered with so much high quality data.

There’s a reason companies are investing in product data. The more information a buyer has, the more trust they’ll have, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Make it a no brainer that when you make an offer, trust is the currency that allows exchange of value between two or more parties. Without trust it’s extremely difficult to start and grow any kind of business.

The measurement customers subconsciously use to decipher a trustworthy company from another is directly related to the data you advertise on all channels. Is the data consistent? Does the data match the description of the product a customer receives

The measurement customers subconsciously use to decipher a trustworthy company from another is directly related to the data you advertise on all channels. Is the data consistent? Does the data match the description of the product a customer receives?

In this blog, we’ll discuss:

  • The equation of eCommerce business growth.
  • B2B customer behavior and B2B company behavior.
  • How to reduce returns and customer frustration.
  • Strengthen B2B customer relationships on all fronts.
  • Steps to create consistency across all team interactions for great customer care.
  • How to strengthen relationships with installation documents. 
  • Enhance the customer experience relationship with Catsy.

The equation of eCommerce business growth:

Accurate Data + Consistency + Trust = High Conversions

The foundation that triggers profitable action for your online business emanates from accurate data. Why is accurate data important?

Accuracy of data builds into customer credibility, when buyers and potential customers attribute your brand with high credibility trust comes inevitable. I truly believe trust is the currency that allows exchange of value; it is trust that creates a long lasting relationship that paves way for mutual benefit.

In this blog I will show you how Catsy PIM and digital asset management software helps strengthen B2B customer relationships with accurate data. After this blog you will have an understanding of how Catsy is relevant for you especially if you want a long lasting B2B customer relationship.

It all starts with data.

Before I get into the gist of things I want to lay some basic foundations so you can understand how data triggers realization of the equation of success. In order to achieve a successful B2B customer relationship there is need to understand how these customer behaviors and what they respond positively to.

B2B customer behavior.

Many business owners believe B2B sales is predominantly logic. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Emotions have a lot to do with the decision making process.

B2B consumers buy for emotional reasons then rationalize their purchase with logic. So what does this mean in relation to accuracy of data? Accurate data paints a clear picture of products. In addition to alluding trust, having a strong foundation in place with accurate data allows the customer to be drawn into the emotional aspect of product purchasing.

B2B customers like to see best performances in terms of product quality, reliability and reviews. When they find products or services that meet their standard they are willing to pay extra for what seems like guaranteed satisfaction.

In addition, strategic value oriented B2B customers prefer a relatively permanent supplier relationship with companies. B2B customers of this nature are often regarded as the best and most loyal customers which is a blessing for your business because they cost less in overhead.

There are also customers who generally experience fear, uncertainty and doubt, especially over new offers. Generally B2B sales is often complex and not as fast and easy as B2C. How you present your value is extremely important, especially in the decision making process.

B2B company behavior.

Purchase decisions are made on account of data that you provide. Now imagine if there is some inaccurate data and your customer makes the decision to procure what you have to offer. That creates the experience which can work for you or against you and the foundation of all that starts with provision of accurate data.

One undeniable truth is how the world is shifting towards online sales which have increased over the past years. The starting point of any kind of relationship with customers is your product data, it creates the necessary connection that builds enough interest for what your brand has to offer.

This is true whether you use BigCommerce or Shopify to fuel your online stores alongside PIM.

Remember the equation of eCommerce business growth: the first and most important variable is accurate data on all digital channels. Imagine a scenario where a company is looking for protective clothing for their team, product data is the starting point by which your customer will engage with before they even make any kind of inquiry to you.

Accurate data alludes to credibility. Customers easily trust brands that showcase high quality with consistency.  

B2B customer relationships

Accurate product data reduces returns and customer frustration.

The sales process is already complex, so why make it even more confusing by failing to represent products with accurate data? Research has revealed how online stores receive many more returns than brick and mortar stores due to the imprecise nature of shopping online.

One of the common B2B mistakes that lead to product returns and cancellation of online orders is a lack of accurate product information.

B2B customer relationships

Imagine you need to order light bulbs online.

You like a specific type of light in your house, so you like to do your research before you buy. After a quick google search you find the product you want on a brand’s website. Before you make a purchase, you decide to check out the same product on Amazon to see if it’s cheaper.

You see on Amazon that the dimensions of the product don’t add up to the product specs you saw on the brand’s website. You see a similar product on Amazon, confirm the dimensions are what you need, and buy that product instead.

Many factors may have contributed to the lack of product information:

  1. Mistakes in data due to manual entry.
  2. Outdated product information did not get updated on all channels.
  3. Mis-organized product photos led to the buyer thinking different products were the same.

If the lightbulb brand had used a PIM system to centralize product information before publishing, they would have sold their product. Instead, it became a missed opportunity for gaining a loyal customer.

Inaccurate data can result in costly product returns.

The same example could be used if, say, you had bought the lightbulb from your original search on the brand’s website. The lightbulbs arrive in the mail, but the dimensions are entirely different from what you ordered. You immediately return the item in exchange for a refund and make a mental note not to purchase from that brand again.

But, what happened? Why did the light bulb have the wrong dimensions in the first place? Again, there may have been a variety of scenarios that contributed to this. After all, small mistakes like this are natural when a company is balancing hundreds or thousands of products.

The most likely scenario is that after a product update, the marketing team had to manually update the new spec information to all channels. In this case, they remember to update the information on Amazon, but neglect to ensure all updates were published on their own website.

These are two very simple examples of how product data can quite literally make or break a sale. As a consumer yourself, you know how frustrating it can be to purchase a product and receive it in the mail, only to find it much different than the product you thought you had ordered.

In the B2B industry, there can be even more frustration when products don’t arrive as promised. Projects experience delay, and trust in your company drops significantly.

Catsy PIM, DAM Software and Workflow centralize all product information and automate the publishing process, eliminating costly mistakes like the examples above.

strengthen B2B customer relationships

Strengthen B2B customer relationships on all fronts.

According to Forbes report, B2B is one of the fastest growing segments for new and established companies. Such an opportunity needs preparedness that entails efficiency and effectiveness. Failure to uphold these important aspects may lead to customer frustration which eventually leads to eCommerce failure.

Always remember the number one reason why customers take time to consider your brand: they have a need that they believe you can meet. Catsy helps B2B eCommerce sites become both efficient and effective, strengthening relationships at each phase of the buyer journey.

For instance, when inventory numbers fall below a certain threshold, a purchase order is automatically generated for you to send to your suppliers. You are in touch with the consumption rate of products that are in demand so you solidify your position as the leader of meeting your buyer’s needs.

Customers gravitate toward anything they can relate to. By having inventory information at your fingertips you are saving your brand from the pain of causing customer frustration.

As we discussed earlier, PIM protects your brand from delivery of wrong customer products. Accuracy of data in relation to your product is extremely imperative for your brand, how can you expect customer loyalty over mismanagement of product data.

It’s all in the small details that build into a momentum of customer influence for them to recognize your brand. A single product web page can contribute greatly to what kind of web page experience your customer will have.

Accuracy throughout a customer’s buyer journey.

When we talk about accurate data, we’re talking about everything a customer needs to see in order to purchase a product online. This includes product descriptions.

Excellent product descriptions are important because they have the ability to emotionally draw your customer in. In addition, you have the opportunity to provide any information the customer may need to know about a product not included in the spec information.

With Catsy, you only need to write the description for a product once. You can write the description directly in Catsy and publish to all channels. No copy and pasting, no endless proofreading. Just a one and done system.

At the end of the day, buyers will notice your brands ability to serve them consistently. This is one sure way to create a lasting relationship with your customers. Consistency makes navigating your site easy and the more accurate your data is the faster they are able to make a decision about purchasing a product.

PIM has the potential to unlock such values for your customers through reduction of human errors and redundancies on account of relying on a single source of truth for all your product offerings.

Trust and Consistency work hand-in-hand.

The best customers always respond positively to where there is quality, and it’s within your control to deliver quality in order to gain repeat customers.

This is where trust begins. Through consistency, brand relationship continues, which ultimately leads to sales, high conversions and customer loyalty.

Creation of rich, consistent content optimized for all your sales channels helps increase customer credibility. Where there is credibility, trust becomes the result.

Reduction of customer frustrations starts with accuracy of data; you have to give the best to get the best. PIM ensures all products are kept up to date, automatic catalog renewals which give an unforgettable shopping experience for potential customers.

Catsy protect your brand in this manner, cart abandonment can be reduced when you distribute accurate data.

Your catalog structure can be aggregated in various formats without any kind of distortion, many ecommerce platforms demand strict adherence to their own catalog structure.

PIM has the ability to ensure there are no discrepancies between physical and digital catalog, you are guaranteed complete and precise data across all business sales channels.

B2B customer relationship

Consistency across all team interactions for great B2B customer care.

Creating and delivering value as a brand takes effort as a team, managing customer’s requests, enquiries and issues. Team interactions thrive under a good system that manages sharing of important files, unearthing of unseen errors and handling customer queries.

Work has to flow – hence the word workflow. With Catsy PIM, employees or team members can focus on their specific task at hand while having access to accurate information from the same source of information.

Having a central repository of product information gives team members access to data. This includes members of all teams: product managers, marketers, sales, engineers, etc. That way, they can support the customer throughout their journey.

Great customer service is a cornerstone of how B2B companies thrive in today’s digital era. All customers, regardless of whether they are B2C or B2B want ease above all else.

The harder the buying or customer journey is, the less chance your company has in creating a lasting impression on your prospects, cumulatively dissolving any chances of a meaningful customer relationship.

Empower all teams with accurate data.

The secret to having long term relationships with customers relies in your ability to manage team members who have influence over the customer experience. The goal is to empower these members with as much accurate information as possible.

For example, catalog managers in eCommerce companies are mainly responsible for creating and building sales offers in the form of different catalogs. He or she becomes the bridge between company products and sales.

Marketing teams through PIM have complete control over the intial processes that help customers become loyal to your brand.

Two of the most influential teams your company has is the sales team and the customer support team. Reason being, customers will always need support before and after purchasing any kind of offer. The sales team gets more customers while your customer support team helps you keep them.

As a main benefit, all employees have access to centralized data, sanitized from being scattered. With enriched product descriptions and specifications, all teams form the foundation for thriving on various digital sales channels.

Continuous frictionless workflow is one of the major contributors to increased ROI when put to use in a meaningful way. team members have access to information in real time, which allows a timely response to what the customer needs so they can have a positive experience in relation to your brand.

Standardized data for optimum consistency in B2B customer relationships.

Standardized information through PIM means giving support to your customers through your sales team as they have access to quality data which they can distribute so they can capture quality customers for your business.

Value added services help you win customers even after purchasing your product, long term customer relationship goes beyond merely purchasing of goods and services. It includes continuous interaction when your customer needs you. Customers may need information relating to repairs after installation.

PIM gives you the capability to provide what is needed when it’s needed with the appropriate and consistent quality.

You also have to consider what kind of support to provide your customer through the entire lifecycle of your product; consistent customer support ultimately leads to trust and loyalty. The best customers are always the loyal customers who not only contribute to increase of sales but also increase profit margins through reduction of company costs.

Brand reputation is always a result of the kind of experience you give to your customers; an unforgettable dazzling customer service should always be the main focus for B2B digital companies. All team members that represent your brand should have access to key product related information at their fingertips. With PIM software you guarantee your team access to up-to-date product information, essential for creating a great customer service.

Strengthen B2B customer relationships with installation documents. 

Installation documents are another customer support method that can greatly enhance the user experience of your products. By providing installation documents, you improve the odds of success a customer will have using your products.

Great customer support post product purchase conveys the message “we care about you and we want to make sure you have the best experience with our product.” Protection of customer relationships is critical for the growth of your business. Catsy makes sure you never have to struggle communicating imperative messages that create an unforgettable experience for your buyers.

Customer service is a great way to show the level of integrity that your brand has. Customers feel safe with brands that demonstrate important values for creating a long term relationship. In all business operations, the main focus is always on keeping customers for as long as possible.

Catsy PIM and DAM ensures all product related documents are standardized. As a result, all team members have access to data to support customer needs.

Transform your B2B eCommerce company into a service business.

According to a Harvard Business Review, the digital era is regarded as the golden age of services and those that prosper transform themselves to a service business.

Most companies either don’t know how or exhibit a great deal of not caring for their customers, especially after sales. Harvard Business Review, ascertained how top management regarded aftermarket services as a mere afterthought.

Why are these findings so important?

Because it shows how much you value your customer, remember it’s more of a relationship than just mere transactions. Interestingly, research has discovered how American Businesses and buyers spend approximately $1 trillion every year on assets they already own.

By now you most likely realize the importance of great customer support. With product information management software, you have the ability to easily support customers along their entire journey with your brand. The best relationship in any kind of setup is one where there is mutual appreciation of both parties involved.

Especially as a B2B organization, it’s your core job to make sure your buyers feel valued in the same way you place value on the money they bring to your organization. 

For your brand to support your valued customers, your team members will need product data at their disposal. PIM gives your employees the necessary capacity to respond to customers through a digital database where critical product related information can be accessed.

PIM provides a faceted search feature for the employees to easily find exactly what they need to respond to customer queries in a timely fashion.

In conclusion, Catsy enhances the customer experience with automation.

Ensure your customers have an experience that will build confidence in your products and your brand by way of a unified holistic marketing message from your sales team.

Centralized data empowers employees to support customers and strengthen relationships at every stage of the buying process.

The question becomes how does this create a unique customer experience? Your sales team can get access to all data to serve your customers well. The more insight and knowledge your sales team has about product information, the better they are at communicating and demonstrating value to your customers. How your sales team reaches out to customers becomes the experience customers respond to in relation to your brand.

The same is true for customer support, marketing and product management teams.  

Creating and publishing additional content such as assembly instructions and other imperative supporting documents becomes easy to do through centralization of data. Centralization of data is the value that Catsy brings in order to prepare your business for success.

To learn more about Catsy’s PIM, DAM and Workflow solutions, visit the website or schedule a live demo here.


Product information management (PIM) is a catalog software tool built to speed products to market.

Digital asset management (DAM) is a software used to organize and enrich digital assets.