Images: the Best Way to Improve Conversion Rates


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Are you happy with the traffic you’re getting to your ecommerce store, but unhappy with the conversion rate? If yes, you must strive for a thorough, effective and better tactic that can make your visitors to take action than the one you currently have.

You see, coming to grips with the basic and modern conversion rate optimization techniques is all it takes to stay ahead of the competition. In fact, you don’t even need to spend a lot of money to improve conversion rates as most businesses do.

While several variables affect conversion, one of the most important elements to getting someone to convert is using images. The number of people shopping online is constantly increasing. And to get a good percentage of these prospective customers visiting your site and purchasing your products, they need to be enticed, attracted and find value from your site. Incorporating images into your site or giving life to existing images may be what you need to change the numbers.

Unfortunately, the mistake that a lot of business owners make when using images to improve conversion rate is focusing so much on purchasing random captivating images on stock photo sites or capturing their own without necessarily thinking about their brand. They realize that their visual marketing methodology isn’t giving the results they anticipated.

So, how can you use images to improve your site’s conversions?

Use Quality Product Images

Product presentation can boost or harm your sales. An image of your product that is poorly photographed is likely to yield poor results compared to a well-photographed product.

Just like customers visit traditional brick-and-mortar stores to inspect, touch and feel their purchases – and probably talk to the seller – online shopping is no different. Now more than ever, customers are more interested in products they can see and those that provide some sought of engagement. Using appealing and quality product images is one of the proven ways to keep your visitors engaged and possibly to take action.

Other improvements you can make to your product images to boost conversion rate include using big and multiple images, and without stressing enough, showing your products in different forms and many different angles as possible.

A big image is more noticeable, less bounce-worthy, and could communicate a message in a clearer way, sometimes better than your product description. On the other hand, multiple images give your customers the option to go through multiple photos in case they need to.

Use Relevant Images

A compelling and relevant image that is purposeful to your website’s goals can do more than just decorate the site. It can tremendously improve your conversion rate.

Because shoppers pay a lot of attention to your site’s images, it’s simply not enough to pick random photos from your stock photo site. As a shrewd visual marketer who want to get the best out of your images, you need only to pick those that resonate well with your customers. Your target buyers must feel more connected to the image for them to click the purchase button. Without which, you’ll be stuck trying different methods to make more sales.

More importantly, it’s imperative that you understand how to select the right images without making mistakes. If you’re treating your images as content, they need to make a clear connection and send the intended message to your target customers. However, if you’re using images together with text it helps the customer. They can more easily determine exactly what the value is.

Use Images that Appeal to the Emotions of Customers

Users are more likely to make assumptions from quality, relevant, and detailed images than to read correlating copy. If your images can appeal to the emotions of your customers, your conversion rate will swiftly improve.

To leverage on this emotional rule, select 360-degree photos and use them prudently in various areas of your website. By doing this, you target buyers will be able to comprehend relatable information about your product. Presenting your product photos in different angles helps your customers better relate to it. You’ll likely be reducing bounces rate especially if your visitors can find and see various options of what they’re searching.

If your website comprises of expensive products, complementing your product description with genuine customer testimonials can be a big game changer for your conversation rate. Users attracted to such products usually take a keen interest in the product’s authenticity. The only way to convince your target customers that your products are authentic and to build trust in your brand is by featuring testimonials.

Use Digital Mascots

The use of digital mascots is on the rise. While the goal of using mascots in the past was to build trust and brand recognition. They are nowadays integral for boosting conversions as well. If you don’t directly use mascots to get customers to convert. Effective digital mascots will help increase the conversion rates.

More often than not, customers don’t buy into a product but buy into a brand. Many big brands realized this customer trend and put their focus into creating a simple corporate identity, which has helped them retain and reach consumers.

The important thing to have in mind if you want to increase conversion rate using mascots is to create an image that customers can relate to. Use it to not only establish a brand within the mind of your buyers but also instill a sense of trust. If you do this the right way, online shoppers will perceive you as an established business, and without doubt, you’ll have the edge over your competitors.

There you have it folks, four solid ways you can use images to improve conversion rate. Remember, the internet is full of strategies and programs about how to maximize website conversions. All of them might not work for your business. Strategize and select a program that will help you achieve your business goals. If you’re not sure what conversion optimization strategy to use, these simple tips should get you started.

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