8 Image Management Questions Your Boss Has


It also helps them to ensure that they have complete control over the entire lifecycle of their product content from creation through delivery to the post-purchase experience.

PIM and DAM streamline product content so your teams can easily create marketing collateral and post-purchase materials that enhance the buyer experience.

PIM and DAM provide more opportunities for you to drive revenue with product content. Read on to learn how!

Image Management

How many images do you have floating around in your organization? If you’re still trying to handle these manually, your boss may not have enough information about your current image management situation. Here are the eight things you should let them know.

1. Where is my image?

Location is everything, so is everyone still using a file server to organize images? This inefficient process is costing the business a lot of time, money and resources.

2. Not thumbnails again, right?

How can you make lower quality thumbnails? Your boss wants to know whether you can quickly generate these preview pictures without taking up someone’s time.

3. What is up with all these formats?

What’s the best way to store .jpg, .png, .psd and other photo formats? Let your boss know about the image management platforms out there and how they handle storage for your most commonly used file formats.

4. This has got to be possible, right?

Can we store videos in the same place as images? Putting your visual content into one central repository gives the company a good economy of scale. This configuration also speeds up overall image management, since you don’t have to go to multiple platforms to get everything you need.

5. Please say yes

If we use software to store images, can we connect it to our product information management system? Your PIM benefits significantly from having easy access to your photo content. Make sure that any solutions you propose can integrate with your current infrastructure.


Can you restrict access to files based on user account? You don’t need every department to have access to the full database. User access control gives people the assets they need, without the ones they shouldn’t have permissions to view.

7. How do partners play into this?

Do partners have the right images for their campaigns? The wrong brand image can do a number on your sales. Make sure that you can tell your boss how your current image management solution addresses this problem.

8. Please say no

Do you have to update images manually across all channels? You might have dozens or hundreds of partners displaying your products. Do you have a major update, so you have to send these images out on a one-on-one basis or simply update the files in one place?

What It Comes Down To

If your image management strategy isn’t working for your company, your boss needs to know. The right solution gives your business a powerful tool to improve your sales and revenue. Luckily a good digital asset management system can meet a majority of the points above. Powerful systems like Catsy can solve these questions and give you even more powerful functionality like integrated catalog software, price book automation, the ability to create spec sheets, list your products on online marketplaces like Amazon, and more.

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