The Top 5 Limitations with Excel Product Information Management: Is it Hindering Your Shopify Sales?

Many businesses initially rely on fragmented spreadsheets and manual processes to handle the complexities. As your product range expands and the need for consistent, enriched data across multiple channels becomes crucial, these manual methods can become serious roadblocks. In this article, we’ll introduce the top five challenges businesses encounter with product information management through fragmented data in multiple spreadsheets and how Catsy PIM emerges as the optimal product information management software provider for Shopify. 

Fragmented Data in Multiple Spreadsheets


As your product catalog grows, managing product information across multiple spreadsheets becomes an uphill task. Data is often scattered across different files and locations, leading to inconsistencies, errors, and inefficiencies. PIM (product information management) Software addresses this challenge by centralizing your product information into a single, organized hub. Say goodbye to navigating through various spreadsheets—and hello to a unified platform where all your product data resides. This centralized approach streamlines data management, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and efficient collaboration across your entire organization.


Product Data Updated in Some Places but Not in All


Maintaining accurate and up-to-date product information is crucial for business success. However, when updates occur in isolated locations, ensuring consistency across all channels becomes a significant challenge. A PIM solution tackles this issue by providing a synchronized environment. When you update product data in a single source of truth, those changes are able to be pushed to your channels upon approval. This real-time synchronization eliminates the risk of outdated information, providing a seamless and reliable solution for businesses aiming to keep their product data consistently updated across various platforms.


Exporting Product Data in Channel Format


Getting your product data ready for different sales channels often involves manual efforts and the risk of format discrepancies. To resolve this, you need a solution that streamlines this process by offering automated export functionalities. Whether you’re preparing your product data for an e-commerce platform like Shopify, a distribution partner, Amazon, or any other channel, a PIM ensures that the data is exported in the required format. This automation not only saves time but also minimizes errors, ensuring that your product information is consistently formatted and ready for seamless integration with various sales channels.


Ensuring Product Readiness and Enrichment


Product readiness or “enrichment” involves more than basic product information information; it requires a comprehensive understanding of all required, optional, and recommended attributes. Businesses need to take a holistic approach to product data by providing a framework that allows businesses to ensure that all necessary attributes are present and optional and recommended ones are enriched as needed. When using spreadsheets for manual management, all attributes for every product on every channel become difficult to maintain. Catsy solves this limitation with Enrichment Dashboards. This feature not only streamlines the product enrichment process but also ensures that your product data is complete and optimized for enhanced customer experiences, and you can have a clear view of product readiness all at once. 


Managing Product Data for Localized Stores


Expanding your business to localized stores with different languages, currencies, and measurement types introduces complexities in managing product information. PIM simplifies this challenge by offering robust localization features. Whether you’re dealing with language variations, currency adjustments, or different measurement units, you can manage product data seamlessly for each localized store. This localization capability ensures that your product information is tailored to meet the specific needs of diverse markets, enhancing your global reach and the success of your Shopify stores.



While businesses may initiate their product information management journey with fragmented spreadsheets and manual processes, the true potential for efficiency and growth lies in embracing a centralized, automated solution. Catsy stands as your expert solution, tailored to address the specific challenges faced by businesses managing product information through manual methods. Bid farewell to fragmented data, inconsistent updates, manual export hassles, incomplete product data, and the complexities of managing localized stores. PIM propels your business to the next level of efficiency and organization, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the demands of a dynamic and competitive market. If you’re ready to transform your product information management and unlock a new era of efficiency, let us be your strategic partner in success. 

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