Product Information Drives Today’s Sales Growth

Product information drives sales today. Increase sales with PIM. How can you use Catsy to help leverage product information to increase sales.

Writing product information that will compel customers to click buy is more than just listing down the product features and what they do. Anyone can do this by simply looking at the product’s specs section! As a matter of fact, what you should always have in mind while writing product description is that there are millions of them on the internet and all marketers are selling to their best level in order to make a significant impact. In this regard therefore, you should be ready to invest your quality time to input relevant information that will definitely persuade the audience to buy the product.

If you have been developing product contents for quite a while now and nothing good has come out of it, don’t give up! It only means that you are not doing it right. Give it another try by including the following tips to product information that will drive sales today.

The Best Tips to Product Information That Will Drive Sales Today

#1. Transform the Product Information Features to Benefits That Sales

Product features also commonly known as specs, describe unique product information that will influence customers to buy it. It is also a fact that different customers have different tastes and preferences for products and services, which is the reason why we don’t buy exactly the same clothes, watches, phones, cars…etc. Having mentioned this therefore, it is your task to find out why customers will prefer to buy a particular product or service at the expense of many others.

Ask Yourself:
  • What benefits they stand to get from the features?
  • How will the product change their lives?
  • What problems will it solve?

Once you have determined the answers to these questions the next thing will be to change these features to benefits. In addition, you need to look at how these benefits are going to change their lives by making it better or solving their problems.

Next, find the right words to connect these benefits in a persuasive tone. This now bring us to the next question on how to determine the best tone to use while speaking about product benefits.

#2. How to Determine the Best Tone While Writing Product Information Benefits

Understanding customers’ problem and how the product information regarding its benefits will not be enough on its own to influence great sales; therefore, how the message is conveyed to the targeted customer is very important. This is similar to the way we talk and relate with each other in our daily lives. The tone of the language that you are going to use on the elderly while describing about product information that will benefit them, is completely different while doing so to teenagers.

Determine the best tone to use by finding out the best language tone that your targeted customers would love to hear while describing to them how the product is going to benefit them. Ask yourself, “which colloquial will they relate to while talking about the product? By so doing they will be like, “how comes this guy knows so much about this stuff, could he be from our street”?

This will definitely make the targeted customers develop more interest and read the content to the end with a thirst of finding out more about the changes the product is going to bring to their lives. Furthermore, this will build trust and confidence in the content thereby persuading them to buy the product.

Next time while describing product information, do it differently by using a language tone that your customers would love to hear and you’ll be surprised about the magic this is going to bring in enhancing your sales.

#3. Make the Product Information Stand out from the Rest

The most important question that you should ask yourself here is, “why your product”? What is it that you have to offer that they can’t get elsewhere and will definitely tempt them click order now? Remember, the world out there is very competitive and that your business counterparts are using the same tip to make great sales. If they are doing it and is working out well for them why not you?

However, by saying this I don’t mean that you should now start to critic other people brand by making yours look superior. You should be very genuine while doing this; otherwise, you will be surprised about, “worse than ever product I ever used” reviews on the comments page.

Save yourself from this trouble and embarrassment that will be hard to recover by spending you’re a quality time to do proper research about other similar products. In this, I mean you make a draft of similar product and identify unique product information that you can identify its benefits and how this will help your customers.

Maybe a tip to get you started, is using the price tag as the baseline of your research. In most cases, products with lower market price usually don’t come with best long life benefits, perhaps you can mention that yours features long life that come along with saving a lot of cost that will be value for their money in the end.

Alternatively, you can also identify expensive similar products and identify weaknesses that are actually provided for on your low priced product. You, will be surprised about the big crowd of customers that will flock your website all the time and clicking the “buy me here button” and the stress you’ll start to get over how you’ll satisfy their unending love and desire for the product.

#4. Include the Product Information Physical Features

This means describing a product by looking at its physical looks. This includes mentioning things like the product style and design, size, luster, color, texture, weight and many other product information you see by simply looking at the product.

If you are speaking about the color; for example, you can mention how the product will stand out from the rest to suit a particular occasion that will leave amazing memorable moments to their lives. This will work out if you want to use color as a product information in your marketing strategy. For example, if you sell smartphones and Valentine is in few weeks, you can say why your red cased android smartphone will be the perfect gift to give your loved ones…

Better still, you can also look at how the product can blend with other product and help customers save a lot of money. For example, if you are speaking about women handbags, you can mention how it has better compartments that blends well with makeups and other things that women like to carry. This is a physical feature that has actually been turned to a benefit which will most likely sell the handbag in question.

Having this idea in mind, now take a good look at your product. Look at the physical aspect and describe it in the best persuasive language as you can. You never know who will be tickled by this simple idea and click the buy button. What will even tantalize you is the number of other friends that she is going to bring along with her to buy for similar reasons. In this regard therefore, start looking at every physical aspects differently and think of how it going to benefit the customer and influence your sales positively.

#5. Consider the Best Name That Will Be a Plus Product Information to Drive Sales

This is the most import of all about product information that carries a lot of weight. In fact, business giants that we celebrate today are a product of well-thought brand names from creative minds. Furthermore, many businesses that were at the verge of collapsing have come back to their feet and have outperformed their past, thanks to rebranding and renaming.

Having mentioned this therefore, if you have not been making any good sales, it is high time that you sit down and take time to think about giving your product a good name. If you have money and want to do a rebrand or get a good name that will sell, there are many marketing consulting companies that deal with this. However; I want to share ideas to get you started before you think of it.

Firstly, think about your brand image! Ask yourself why you are selling it in the first place? What problems are you looking to solve to your targeted audience? What ingredients do you use to develop it? These are among the many questions that you need to start thinking about before choosing a name for your business. For example, the name Coca-Cola has been derived from the Cola nut. Of course people love Cola nut! This is why this brand has remained on the top the world up to date.

Now that you are thinking of a name to use, the next question will be how you can relate the name to the benefits the comes with product. Or better still, how the name will solve customers’ problem. Start by listing all the benefits and solutions it brings in changing customers’ lives. From this thinking, try to think of a name that will relate to a major benefit or problem that customers will always think about whenever they have a need or problem to solve.

Before launching the name, it is always advisable to conduct a customer survey to determine what they think about whenever the chosen name pops up. If their response will be answering all your questions, then there is a high chance of your product becoming famous. If not, go back to the drawing board and start all over again.

However, if you are satisfied with your answers and want to give it a try, all is not over since you’ll have to conduct a lot of marketing in product awareness campaign. This can be very expensive but don’t overlook the cost. Instead, look at the bigger picture that this is going to bring into your life in terms of increased sales and profits.

Lastly but not least, naming is not anything that just comes into your mind or something to take for granted. Don’t make people make fun about your product whenever they see it on the shelf or popping up on the web. Remember, it took you so long to reach this far and a lot of investment worth your lifetime to invent it. Research and use a good name and start seeing changes in sales very soon.

Note to remember: Be creative! Don’t copy other people’s ideas of name since this will be infringing the rights of protected products and the penalties are very severe. This can be a very big blow to your business that is just getting started.

#6. Don’t Make Long Descriptive Product Information

Many people don’t like reading! In fact, if you are able to include more pictures with brief product information that are straight to the point in articulating the main product features, the better it is for the content in driving sales.

Focus on the benefits on the content and as we always say the problems you are solving. This is because if you write lengthy descriptions, the audience are likely to get lost along the way and will definitely click the close button and leave your website never to return again.

How do you go about writing brief product information that will drive sale?

Put a lot of emphasis on the key features and solutions that you have identified. This is applicable in products that comes with hundreds of benefits that when explained, you will only end up with confused customers that are not able to make decisive judgments thereby hurting sales.

A tip to take home while writing product information, highlight the key features with a small description that is geared toward the benefits or bring solutions and nothing less. Avoid listing down the feature along with their functions alone. Once you are done but you still feel that there are still many other features that can still assist to brings sales, list them in bullet form.

#7. Consider Photos/Pictured Product Information for Best Sales

Words are best described with pictures. One of the worst mistake you will ever make while writing contents for marketing and other campaigns is not to include photos. Don’t make it hard for your audience to form a wrong impression about what you are selling and decide to return sold items when they get to see the real picture. This is not only embarrassing, but is also loss of potential clients. This will also reflect bad sales if the returned item can’t be resold.

There are many advantages that you are going to get by including pictures in all your marketing strategy. In fact, there are thousands of customers that will buy your products because of the way the pictured product information was articulated to capture benefits that they are searching for. In addition, if you are not very good with words a simple picture can be a very being rescue for you.

Now that you know picture are great product information that comes along with helping sells, the next question will be how to use them as a marketing strategy to your benefits. Well to answer your question, take high-quality images that will capture products’ features that will clearly show the benefits that customers will get if they buy it. For example, if you are speaking about wireless routers with 4 WLAN Gigabits that comes with a lightning-speed of up to 4 devices through the Ethernet, the picture taken should be able to show this aspect.

Remember, this is not about just taking pictures and posting lest you end up with lots of data that will only slow your website for no good reason, and the picture will be of no value in driving sales. Point to take home, use a good camera with great picture quality that will highlight key beneficial features. Also, consider the background so that people don’t start being judgmental.

#8. Product Information That Drive Sales Should Be Structured Properly

The entire product information need to be structured well for it to sell otherwise it will have no meaning. It should be easy for anyone identify the benefit by just having a glance at it. To structure the information properly consider the following tips;

  • Start with a catchy title that will get fast attention from anyone looking at the product info.
  • Write a brief introduction of about 50 words only addressing the benefits and solutions being solved
  • Make an in-depth overview of all key features. As already discussed don’t make it lengthy; otherwise no one will care to read it and you won’t make good sales.
  • Make bullet points of pros addressing the benefits and cons addressing the product weakness.
  • Lastly, conclude with a call for action persuading your targeted customers to buy the products based on the benefits that comes with it.
The bottom line: product information drives sales today

As businessmen and women, there are many benefits that we stand to get by identifying best product information that will help us make sales and stand out from the rest of our competitors.

Firstly, we need to identify a good name that is going to reflect the benefits of the product being sold. This doesn’t end there since you will have to market the name through rigorous awareness campaign and advertisements. In addition, develop a list of the most featured benefits and relate how this will solve problems of the market being targeted.

However, as you go about this avoid using lengthy information. This doesn’t matter whether the benefits are too many and you want to capture every aspect. Instead, address the major benefits and list the rest in bullet form. Otherwise, customers will get tired and lost along the way and will not see any value in reading the content.

In addition, take note of using high-quality photos as an important aspect about product information in your marketing strategy. This will ensure that you don’t give your audience hard time to create imaginary images that will only serve to disappoint them and start claiming back their money. This will bring a very bad image and reputation to your company and also affect sales.

In your description, consider including the physical aspects such as color, size and weight and see how these can blend with customers’ lifestyle and also benefit them. Lastly but not least, once you have all things you need to make a great product information that will drive sales today, structure them well by including a very catchy title that will attract the attention of many audiences at a glance. Follow this with a small introduction, followed by an overview of key benefit, pros and cons in point form, and lastly a call for action that will give the client the best advice.

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PIM Drives Growth for Manufacturers and Dealers

PIM drives growth for Brands. How does PIM allow brands and distributors to grow sales through online and offline channels.

How to Drive Growth with an Integrated PIM

Analysts define business growth as a process of improving some or all aspects of the operations of an enterprise. Typically, many organizations pursue business growth through some means. PIM drives growth for all companies that sell a product.

These methods include boosting the top line or revenue streams of the business with increased product sales or service income.

Some schools of thought also use the term ‘business development,’ as a form of business growth. Business development serves as the aggregation of tasks and processes for the creation and implementation of growth opportunities within and between organizations.

Business growth/development can be taken as subsets in the fields of business commerce and theory of organizational structure. Some scholars also regard business growth as the pursuit of medium to long-term value for a business concern from employees, customers, markets as well as relationships.


In a review of scholarly work, professionals view business growth as a concept relating to discrete projects, specific/targeted types of growth, and enhanced organization processes.

Business growth measures value increases in one or more units in a business concern. Such groups may include one or more of the following: Sales, marketing, Finance, Mergers and acquisitions, Strategy as well as proposed management.

Fundamentals of Business Growth

Business growth does not occur in a vacuum. Instead, businesses and organizations undertake deliberate and measured steps toward achieving growth in desired areas of their enterprises.

Business growth entails cultivating long-term value from a business or enterprise within the limits of available resources. In other words, entrepreneurs look to achieve sustainable business growth. While no two companies share the same peculiarities, there are viable growth fundamentals that are common to most enterprises. They are as follows:

Clear Statement of purpose

Every business/enterprise needs a clear statement of its purpose. Also called the “Why we are here and do what we do” term, a statement of intent serves a bulwark or foundation upon which entrepreneurs execute business ideas and strategies.

A definite purpose affects decisions regarding what employees to recruit, what relationships to cultivate among other issues.

Sustainable growth thrives on a sense of purpose. A strong statement of intent forms the basis for the company’s Unique Selling Point (USP). A business’ USP gives an insight into why a venture’s product or service is better than a competitor’s.

With a clear statement of purpose, a company can chart the best route or process path to achieving its growth objectives.

Brand Presence

Another important vehicle for creating sustainable business growth is having a powerful brand. Your company’s brand speaks for you when you are not there. All the time, every time! It is the medium by which your business makes an emotional connection with your customers.

A strong brand focuses on a business’ target audience. It also connects with the general public as well as inspire your existing and potential customers.

If you desire sustainable growth, it is crucial to build a strong brand that ensures repetitive business and fosters customer loyalty.

Build Partnerships and Collaborations

Business owners might multitask at the early stages of the venture. Such entrepreneurs may function as business directors, managers, stock keeper and secretary among other roles. However, as the business gathers momentum, it might be damaging t take on more than one can handle.

Achieving sustainable business growth entails business managers focusing on areas of strength while outsourcing other tasks.

Maintain your customer base

Research reveals that is costs more finding new customers than retaining existing ones. Other studies show that reducing customer defection ratios positively impacts on profitability by as much as 25 percent.

Statistics such as the ones above show that sustainable growth hinged on making your existing customer base happy and contented with your products and services.

Be mindful of Business Ecosystems

Organizations in the new millennium thrive in a functional business environment with mutually beneficial inter-relationships.

One such ecosystem is the Information Technology sector where website designers/developers, software programmers, SEO marketers work together to achieve common aims.

For your business to experience sustainable growth, it is essential to identify communities and relationships that provide structures and support for your business.

Hustle for repeat sales

One of the hallmarks of a business that desires sustainable growth is creating avenues for repeat sales. Beyond having a clear purpose and powerful brand, it is essential that your product satisfies a want, on a consistent and profitable basis.

Repeatable sales hinges on a sales model that is scalable. Once businesses meet this criterion, then sustainable business growth is possible.

Proactive and Adaptive Management

Business plans help to give a venture solidity and focus. However, times will come when prevailing realities demand that the entrepreneur makes decisions to match such extraneous factors.

A proactive and adaptive leadership ensures that businesses possess the leverage and freedom to create, adjust, innovate and lead.

When personal, interpersonal and working lives cohabit in mutual understanding, then achieving sustainable business growth becomes a concrete possibility.

The Stages of Business Growth

Businesses, no matter their sizes, organizational structures and management styles, face almost similar challenges on the path to growth/expansion. However, companies can overcome these problems by applying themselves to the stages of business growth. These stages equip businesses to make informed decisions and follow the most expedient pathways to growth. They are as follows:

Existential Stage

Under this stage, the company is concerned with acquiring new customers and providing products/services paid for.

Entrepreneurs, at this stage, grapple with questions such as:

Can the business get enough customers, deliver products, and provide services well enough to become a viable business?

Can the venture expand from that a first customer or pilot production process to a much broader sales base?

Is there enough money to cover the financial demands of this teething phase?

This stage of business growth is peculiar to small businesses, whose primary concern is staying afloat. Companies in the Existence Stage range from newly founded restaurants and retail stores to high-technology manufacturers that have yet to stabilize either production or product quality as well build a steady clientele base.

Survival Stage

Ventures that reach this stage demonstrate that their business has the potential to succeed. At this point, the organization has built a pool of customers and offers them products/services when needed.

The survival stage shows that the business has progressed from mere survival to determining the relationship between revenue generation and running expenses.

Sustainable growth is assured when businesses can create a balance between income and expenditure.

Gathering Momentum/Success

Some critical decisions face the owners of the business at this stage. The question is whether management should take advantage of a positive cash flow, a reliable brand as well as an increasing pool of loyal customers, to seek expansion. Or would it be preferable to steady the ship and consolidate on the gains recorded thus far?

Sustainable growth for companies at this stage depends on whether the owners decide to divest their interests by bringing on more shareholders or selling the business outright


At this stage, the business is nearing most of its laid down goals/objectives. The business features surplus amounts of cash (a favorable bottom line), a powerful brand, loyal customers, scalable sales as well as a stable organizational structure.

Operational and strategic planning is another feature of business at the Take-off stage.  The power of delegation forms an essential tool at the disposal of the venture.


Maturity signifies that a business is expanding on most or all of its projected sales and revenue streams. Repeat business takes place across multiple customer engagement channels, with a management structure that is responsive and competent.

Sustainable growth for companies in this stage includes implementing key budgeting tools, strategic planning, and management by objectives and operating standard cost objectives.

What is an integrated PIM System?

An integrated Product Information System (PIM) System communicates with other essential systems to automatically to display real-time, updated and accurate of products /services for sale.

These critical systems include E-commerce websites, online marketing platforms, web portals, internet services as well as electronic product catalogs. These systems link to the integrated PIM System seamlessly to obtain product information, specifications and images. Employees display these data in the desired information channel or route.

Overview of an integrated PIM System

It is established that storing product information in a centralized PIM system is powerful. However, present-day business realities also demand to share these data/information packets with other business systems to boost sales and increase revenue earnings.

Businesses opt for an integrated Product Information Management System to retrieve and distribute information from a centralized location to other business ecosystems.

Issues such as customer facing, prospect -facing, and peer-facing systems associated with e-commerce websites, web portals, and electronic catalogs need information obtained from a central store. An integrated PIM system comes to the rescue in this regard.

Linking Products for Kits, Bundles and Increased sales

An integrated PIM system allows businesses link product and other items for transactions like up-sells, cross-sells, kitting and bundling.

These terms are features of a typical business ecosystem, involving mostly related industries or sectors. Linked products are defined as similar items or items that often lead to the purchase of other products.

Businesses that deploy integrated PIM Systems can have their products featured alongside sister items. The product data is extracted from their electronic catalog or e-commerce website.

Indicators that a business needs integrated PIM

Specific signs indicate that a business concern can make the most of an integrated PIM system. These indicators are as follows:

  1. The haphazard search for product information within and outside the organization

When pieces or sets of essential product data are stored in various locations within and outside information repositories, a business needs an integrated PIM.

A scenario where some product information is on a spreadsheet, some others are on a hard drive while some are stored in a sister organization’s repository reduces efficiency and promotes customer drawbacks

Such a PIM system collates and organizes these pieces of information into a cohesive whole. Access to multi-channel and multi-organizational structures are enhanced, and customers gain quick access to various levels of product data, across similar/related fields, boosting sales and revenues.

  1. Employees spend unnecessary time on searches and queries

If staff and team members spend copious amounts of time rifling through tonnes of product data, it is time to go for an integrated PIM system. With no organization or structures to access product prices, images and specifications what obtains is an inefficient process that may yield no tangible results.

The situation worsens when customers demand information for related product and services.

An integrated PIM system efficiently links and extracts relevant product information across multiple repositories and channels, so an employee attends to customer queries in good time.

  1. Conflicts in Product information and its veracity

Customers need accurate and updated product data to make informed purchases. Where this is lacking, sales drop and customer retention plunge as well.

When employees find it difficult to select appropriate product data as well as the accuracy of same, the business suffers.

An integrated PIM system creates linkages to verified and accurate product data as well as the structures for accessing such data, at the click of a button.

  1. Inconsistent storage of data

Product data stored in various formats poses challenges for sales staff in any business organization. Uniformity in product data storage including product prices, images, and specification plays a vital role in ensuring that employees can access and distribute such information across multiple channels/funnels for customer engagement.

This feature assumes greater significance for collaboration among firms offering similar product type, where sales of one item, lead to the purchase of another.

  1. Errors discovered post sale

Mistakes detected after the sales of a product usually stem from incomplete pricing and specification details available to the affected staff at the time.

Underpriced merchandise may stem from missing or outdated information; the employee might charge less for a product having extra useful features.

If this shortfall in information transmits to inter-related systems, the losses become significant. With an integrated Product Information Management system, all of the systems that need product information can automatically retrieve it from the PIM.

  1. Customers and Inaccurate Information

Customers need to make informed purchase decisions based on accurate product data and specification. Time also counts when such clients visit any numbers of similar site offering related products.

If available product data is inaccurate, customers get frustrated. And frustrated customers hurt the revenue and sales target of any business.

An integrated PIM system averts this potential crisis. Such a system is structured to effectively link, organize, retrieve and distribute accurate product information from data repositories to the connected systems.

  1. Receipt of Inaccurate orders

This problem stems from point 5. Inaccurate product information leads to purchasing the wrong product based on misplaced expectations.

If product data listings fall short by some parameter, it may translate to a customer receiving a dress with a wrong color or size.

Businesses can prevent mistakes like these from occurring with using an integrated PIM system.

How does an Integrated PIM system drive growth?

Businesses desire to work in cohesion and with strategic focus. Both within its borders and in cooperation with other companies, suppliers and vendors.

This desire translates to the ability to harmonize operations involving the availability of product information in an accessible manner.

When employees can retrieve product information across multiple channels of engagement, to serve the needs of clients, there is a boost in sales.

An integrated PIM system provides the platform for attaining this level of operational efficiency. With an integrated PIM, businesses are empowered to Maximize Profits, Streamline Operations, Cut Costs, Increase Customer Satisfaction and Optimize Productivity

In more detail, an integrated PIM system boosts business growth in the following ways:

An integrated PIM Enhances Ecommerce

Firms manage their e-commerce websites from backend portals by using an integrated PIM system. The process begins with product information added or updated in the company’s PIM system. The linkage to an integrated PIM ensures that the e-commerce site seamlessly retrieves and displays the affected product data, with a click of a button.

Smooth access to product data ensures that customers find the information they need on the go. This feature, in turn, ensures that the business makes sales on a consistent basis.

This functionality exists for other engagement platforms like web services, web portals, and electronic catalogs.

An integrated PIM boost employee productivity and reduces downtimes

Businesses save on labor costs and experience a boost in operational efficiencies with an integrated PIM system.

For starters, with all product information and data in a single store or repository, it is easier for affected staff to retrieve targeted information and relay such information to customers.

Another benefit is that updated or added data in individual PIM systems are communicated to other systems via an integrated PIM. An integrated PIM also plays the crucial role of ensuring the accuracy of product data, including for prices, images, and specifications. With improved data accuracy and a reduction in contradictory information, employees and customers do not grapple with the consequences of fixing intensive/extensive marketing mistakes.

An integrated PIM assist with Kitting and Bundling

Businesses achieve cross-organizational cooperation, whereby products are linked together. Take for an instance a toothbrush and a toothbrush holder.

An integrated PIM system retrieves the information to automatically show the companion item (the holder) on the primary item’s (the toothbrush) product page. In this way, customers have options of picking one item along with the other, if they so wish.

The cycle flow for an integrated PIM shows that that the toothbrush has a companion item and staff can then offer that up-sell to the customer.


The norm for many businesses is pushing the narrative toward conducting transactions on e-commerce platforms across various channels, with efficiency and accuracy.

At the heart of this projection is the need for accurate and qualitative product information. Wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, vendors as well as customers require comprehensive information management and workflow automation.

An integrated PIM system harmonizes the various facets of the business ecosystem by offering automated client/server systems, web-capable solutions for customer relationship management, order entry, inventory control, shipping, returns management, accounting, Electronic product Data Interchange, and E-Commerce enablers.

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How Content Overcomes the Shopping Price Comparison

How to overcome the shopping price comparison with product content. Product content allows brands to overcome price comparison customers do on the web.

It is a fact that many customers who shop online will first look at the prices tag and immediately start searching for other similar brands that will suit their budget. This has made many business owners not to include the product and service cost on their website owing to the fear of losing potential buyers.

The good news is that you can use content marketing as a strategy to build customer confidence and overcome shopping price comparison. What you need to do is to structuring your content to make it more appealing and also add value to every shopper that comes across it. Also worth not forgetting is to always develop credible content that will inspire trust.

Overcome Shopping Price Comparison

The use of content in marketing is a strategy that has gained popularity in providing prospective clients with valuable information. Many business organizations use content marketing to:

  • Promote awareness of new brand of services and products to the market
  • Retain the current client database and also recruit more
  • Increase the sales
  • Overcome the shopping price comparison
  • Establishing an online platform where netizens share ideas and information that can be used to improve product features and solve problems

Nowadays, customers are becoming more and more enlightened about how they can shop online and get products and service that will have value for their money. According to a local survey that was conducted by the, more than 80% of customers believe a lot on customer feedbacks and recommendations to business as well as products and services. Because of these undisputed facts, customers will search where they can get valuable and most trusted product information that will guide them into making well-informed decision.

Having mentioned this, it is very crucial to capitalize on this fact and invest in developing great contents that will highlight all the features that customers are looking to get from specific products and services. This way, you will not only keep them glued to your website, but also prevent them from the temptation of searching other sites that offer the same product and services at relatively lower price than yours.

Therefore, if you are looking to use content as a marketing strategy your key aim should be to provide rich information that will address the need of customers. If you stay focused on ensuring you give correct information, you can always be assured of a bigger following and enjoy the benefits that comes with content marketing and also avoid losing potential customers due to the effect of shopping price comparison.

If you are a marketer or it’s your first time and want to learn how to develop contents that will address clients need and reap more by increasing product popularity, you will find this content very resourceful.

Content That Inspires Trust

Once you are confident that you have best content that inspires trust, use the following 3 best and easy tips to overcoming shopping comparison;

Tip 1:  Post your content on the most popular blogs with backlinks that will lead traffic to your website. This can easily be done on Facebook pages or groups that have a wide following, as well as the YouTube channels, and other popular social platforms.

Tip 2: Create an online platform that will encourage customer to leave their comments and also before ending, encourage them on the importance of doing so in helping new customers that have no idea on the product. The higher the number of positive comments you get the better for you will be in building trust and client database thereby overcoming price comparison.

Tip 3: Consider inviting a highly respected individuals most preferable well-celebrated persons and professionals in your filed. For example, if you sell consultancy services you may invite a popular professional whom you once sold your service to leave comments. You can also make a call follow up to inform them about the invitation so that your hard earned efforts don’t end up ignored

Create Content That Will Last Forever

Now that you know that contents are really great at overcoming shopping price comparison, you need to work with long-term mindset and develop contents that never lose value. As you know, we are living on a very dynamic world that keeps on changing every second; therefore, you need to keep on feeding your fans with new contents within your line of business.

Imagine of a situation where a customer is reading your content and is comparing it with another of a superior offer, the most definite thing that will happen is that he will take that offer and move with many other customers. If you have been in business for a while you must be aware of the fact that restoring the lost confidence take a lot of time to build and may not even be achievable in the long run. Therefore, you can save yourself the big trouble and build new contents that will last for long.

To develop fresh contents that last, you need to prospect / anticipate on the changes that are likely to come and carry out more research in your field of expertise. Update every details that will add value to your previous content and make it more fresh and interesting. It is also worth to change the style and the approach you take in your content so that you surprise your customers with something new out of their expectation.

This will make your clients believe that you always have something new in stock thereby discouraging them to move elsewhere for better price alternatives.

Add Value to Your Targeted Audience

Take your time to research on the information your audience are looking to hear in relation to products and services that you want to sell. For example, you may identify a problem that hasn’t been well addressed from your competition and develop a content that entirely focuses on solving that issue.

There are several ways to talk to your customers as long as you ensure the topics you are writing are focused towards giving information that customers are going to find value. A typical example of doing this is writing product and services guides that you want to sell. Here, you may highlight key features and also why particular products are superior to the other. You can also give a highlight of pros and cons and finally give a call for action that will advise clients why they should prefer your offer to others.

While determining these topics it is very important that you carry out keyword research of the most used words and the number of times such have been used. This will be very important in optimizing your content such that it will always emerge on the top among other searches. This will serve to reduce the chances of customers getting hands to other shopping price comparison sites with better offers than yours.

Research Why Customers Prefer Your Offer to Others

If you been in business for quite a while and doing well, conduct a survey to establish why your customers prefer buying from you at the expense of many others that are doing the same thing. Conducting this survey will not only help you establish your strength, but also learn how to sell best from your customers.

In addition, you will be able to know why they preferred other offers to yours. From this information you will be able to determine opportunities of improvement and capitalize on it to ensure that you always give your customers the best. This will ensure that your customers are always satisfied since a satisfied customer is always a happy customer.

There are various strategies that you can use to determine whether your customers are happy; for example, you may use questionnaires on the web content or better still conduct a one on one interview. The main advantage of the latter is that it provides more room to ask for more questions and is fast.

However, when conducting a customer satisfaction survey for overcoming shopping price comparison you need to determine why you actually need it, otherwise you will end up with information that have no significant value. This will also be a waste of resources. In this regard therefore, you need to establish a strategy of what you want to achieve from this exercise. For example, you may conduct a survey to identify the need of introducing a new product or service or what makes your customers frustrated.

Give Your Customers Your Word and Keep It

One of the most common reason why business owners loose customers due to price comparison is when they fail to stick to the promise on the product content. If you can assure your customer by giving them overwhelming contents with proofs that work, rest assured that they will never go elsewhere to seek better offers.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure that what is in the content matches the product / services in reality; otherwise you risk losing customers confidence.

So how do you win customer confidence?

Learn from customer reviews – This is the most sought-after information used by customers to decide whether products and services will achieve their objectives. Although this may be a challenge to achieve especially among business owners that are just getting started, you can generate a few feedbacks that will engage others customers. By so doing, you will build a huge database of customers that will always believe you have the most superior offer from the rest. It is on this platform that you will identify needs, complaints and critics. Address all your complaints to take account of all customer needs and update the changes to build more trust.

Use the product / service language – Many are the times that customers buy fascinating products they didn’t anticipate thanks to well-crafted contents that highlighted their needs. It is therefore very important to make your content appealing by making technical terms more interesting.

The use of technical terms will be a positive indication that you have a better understanding of the subject that you are addressing on the content. However, this doesn’t mean that you make everything you use on the content sound technical but rather you should covey the message in s very simple language that will help them understand technical jargons. Customers will always look for such to gauge whether you know the product specification and can relate to them.

Capitalize on the Mere Exposure Effect on Your Content

Sometimes, you may always wonder why many customers will insist on buying a specific brand at the expense of others and why they are used to them. This phenomenon is referred to as the “mere exposure effect”. As a business owner you can take advantage of content marketing to build a strong brand that will always give your competitors hard time irrespective of their offers.

However, this may be a very expensive endeavor to achieve and may take years to realize but will have an overall long-term achievement in building customer trust and confidence. Furthermore, this strategy is also very risky since a slight mistake can bring a whole brand that you struggled to build for years.

Examples of ways that you can use the mere effect exposure in content to overcoming shopping price comparison includes the following;

  • Invest in Search Engine Optimization to increase product popularity to online shoppers that are looking for products/services on the internet.
  • Enhance the popularity of your brand by posting content on different websites. There are free online platforms that you can use to post your content; however, if you want to increase customer confidence on the new brand that you want to establish, it is advisable that you invest on building strong and reliable sites that never fails.
  • Integrate content marketing with other methods such as text adverts, emails, and newsletters. However, you should be very careful while using this strategy since many potential customers have no time for a lengthy content. A good way on how you may go about promoting your brand and overcome price comparison is sending small info with backlinks that customers can follow for more information.

Use Product Content with Similar Features

From this read, you must have known by now that the first place that people will always go to seek for information before deciding on what to shop for is the internet. Have mentioned this therefore, you should not make it hard for them to make their decision. Post two or more product features with striking resembling features that are contradicting each other. This will leave them confused and unable to make a judgment to settle with. The sad part of this, is when it’s happening on your selling platform. The effect of this is that they will leave your selling page to seek other better offers that are never confusing but straight to the point.

However, if you are selling more than one product and would wish to use the same platform to sell, you should ensure the contents are precisely arranged so that you don’t end up giving clients a big homework. In this arrangement, differentiate them very well so that customer don’t have the view of looking at the price of one product against the other. Furthermore, this will cause the customer to prefer products/services of a lower value at the expense of the other that you are aiming to promote.

Strategic Content Marketing

Many business owners are fully aware of the benefits they stand to reap from content marketing. However, the sad fact about this is that many of them don’t know how to do it right with the sole objective of preventing business losses that come with shopping price comparison from their competitors. To succeed in content marketing consider the following key strategies to successful content marketing:

  • Establish your goal – Have in mind a goal that you would wish to accomplish and ask yourself how content marketing will help you to realize it. Determine whether you are looking to develop content that will promote the business as whole or focus on your popular brand to build others. Once you have an established goal, you will be good to go on to the next stage of determining the people you want to target.
  • Determine your audience – Ask yourself the customers you are looking to reach. Are you targeting a specific age bracket or sex, or speaking the whole world in general? Now that you are very sure whom you want to reach, blend your content to address what they want to hear. By so doing, you will be able to keep your audience which means that they will never leave to seek other offers where they feel welcomed.
  • Time to build the content – Now that you know what you want to achieve and who want to reach, it will be time to create the content, having in mind the right set of things to mention and how you will structure them. You should ensure that the content is flowing and from the reading, your audience are able to connect right from the beginning till the end without getting lost.
  • The implementation stage – In this stage the big question you need to ask yourself is the platform you will use to post your content. Is it on a newly developed site or an established site with great SEO? If it’s a new site, will there be a need for an intro before going into deeper details? If you approach at it well, then it will be very easy to reach your audience and also keep them thereby preventing losing them to other offers that are well planned and established.
  • Measure the performance – check whether the contents are making any significant improvement in terms of the number of visits you get. The better the performance the good it will be for you in retaining clients and in standing better chance to overcome challenges that come with price comparison. Lastly, always learn from your weakness.

The Bottom Line

There are quite a number of strategies that you can use to make your content relevant in overcoming shopping price comparison. The use of content has helped many business organizations build trust and customer confidence and prevent customer loss that arise while searching for price comparison. Research shows that potential customers search a maximum of three sites before making the final decision. Therefore, you should make the content emerge among these and beating the rest. Moreover, identify your customer needs and address them effectively and ensure your contents remain relevant by updating them regularly. Lastly but not least, take advantage of popular sites with a bigger following such as Facebook to post your contents.

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