How Content Overcomes the Shopping Price Comparison


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Throughout the buyer’s journey, shopping price comparison will definitely come up. It is a fact that many customers who shop online will first look at the prices tag and immediately start searching for other similar brands that will suit their budget. This has made many business owners not to include the product and service cost on their website owing to the fear of losing potential buyers.

The good news is that you can use content marketing as a strategy to build customer confidence and overcome shopping price comparison. What you need to do is to structuring your content to make it more appealing and also add value to every shopper that comes across it. Also worth not forgetting is to always develop credible content that will inspire trust.

How to Overcome Shopping Price Comparison

The use of content in marketing is a strategy that has gained popularity in providing prospective clients with valuable information. Many business organizations use content marketing to:

  • Promote awareness of the new brand of services and products to the market
  • Retain the current client database and also recruit more
  • Increase the sales
  • Overcome the shopping price comparison
  • Establishing an online platform where netizens share ideas and information that can be used to improve product features and solve problems

Nowadays, customers are becoming more and more enlightened about how they can shop online and get products and services that will have value for their money. According to a local survey that was conducted by, more than 80% of customers believe a lot in customer feedbacks and recommendations to business as well as products and services. Because of these undisputed facts, customers will search where they can get valuable and most trusted product information that will guide them into making a well-informed decision.

1. Create Content That Inspires Trust

Having mentioned this, it is very crucial to capitalize on this fact and invest in developing great content that will highlight all the features that customers are looking to get from specific products and services. This way, you will not only keep them glued to your website, but also prevent them from the temptation of searching other sites that offer the same product and services at a relatively lower price than yours.

Therefore, if you are looking to use content as a marketing strategy your key aim should be to provide rich information that will address the need of customers. If you stay focused on ensuring you give correct information, you can always be assured of a bigger following and enjoy the benefits that comes with content marketing and also avoid losing potential customers due to the effect of shopping price comparison.

If you are a marketer or it’s your first time and want to learn how to develop contents that will address clients need and reap more by increasing product popularity, you will find this content very resourceful.

Once you are confident that you have the best content that inspires trust, use the following 3 best and easy tips to overcoming shopping comparison;

Tip 1

Post your content on the most popular blogs with backlinks that will lead traffic to your website. This can easily be done on Facebook pages or groups that have a wide following, as well as the YouTube channels, and other popular social platforms.

Tip 2

Create an online platform that will encourage customers to leave their comments and also before ending, encourage them on the importance of doing so in helping new customers that have no idea on the product. The higher the number of positive comments you get the better you will be in building trust and client database thereby overcoming price comparison.

Tip 3

Consider inviting highly respected individuals most preferable well-celebrated persons and professionals in your field. For example, if you sell consultancy services you may invite a popular professional whom you once sold your service to leave comments. You can also make a call follow up to inform them about the invitation so that your hard-earned efforts don’t end up ignored

2. Create Content That Will Last Forever

Now that you know that contents are really great at overcoming shopping price comparison, you need to work with long-term mindset and develop contents that never lose value. As you know, we are living on a very dynamic world that keeps on changing every second; therefore, you need to keep on feeding your fans with new contents within your line of business.

Imagine of a situation where a customer is reading your content and is comparing it with another of a superior offer, the most definite thing that will happen is that he will take that offer and move with many other customers. If you have been in business for a while you must be aware of the fact that restoring the lost confidence take a lot of time to build and may not even be achievable in the long run. Therefore, you can save yourself the big trouble and build new contents that will last for long.

To develop fresh contents that last, you need to anticipate the changes that are likely to come and carry out more research in your field of expertise. Update every detail that will add value to your previous content and make it more fresh and interesting. It is also worth changing the style and the approach you take in your content so that you surprise your customers with something new out of their expectations.

This will make your clients believe that you always have something new in stock thereby discouraging them to move elsewhere for better price alternatives.

3. Add Value to Your Targeted Audience

Take your time to research on the information your audience are looking to hear in relation to products and services that you want to sell. For example, you may identify a problem that hasn’t been well addressed from your competition and develop a content that entirely focuses on solving that issue.

There are several ways to talk to your customers as long as you ensure the topics you are writing are focused towards giving information that customers are going to find value. A typical example of doing this is writing product and services guides that you want to sell. Here, you may highlight key features and also why particular products are superior to the other. You can also give a highlight of pros and cons and finally give a call for action that will advise clients why they should prefer your offer to others.

While determining these topics it is very important that you carry out keyword research of the most used words and the number of times such has been used. This will be very important in optimizing your content such that it will always emerge on the top among other searches. This will serve to reduce the chances of customers getting hands to other shopping price comparison sites with better offers than yours.

4. Research Why Customers Prefer Your Offer to Others

If you have been doing well in business for quite a while, conduct a survey. Receiving self-reported responses from customers reveals why they prefer buying from you. What are you doing right that attracts your customers at the expense of your many competitors? Conducting surveys will not only help you ascertain your strengths but also improve the quality of your business.

In addition, you will be able to know why they preferred other offers to yours. Such information helps determine opportunities for change. You can capitalize on it to ensure that you always give your customers the best. This will ensure that your customers are always satisfied since a satisfied customer is always a happy customer.

There are various strategies that you can use to determine whether your customers are happy; for example, you may use questionnaires on the web content or better still conduct a one on one interview. The main advantage of the latter is that it provides more room to ask for more questions and is fast.

However, when conducting a customer satisfaction survey for overcoming shopping price comparison, first determine its purpose. Otherwise, you will end up with information that has no significant value. This will also be a waste of resources. In this regard, you need to establish a strategy of what you want to achieve from this exercise. For example, you may conduct a survey to identify the need of introducing a new product. Perhaps you want to know what makes your customers frustrated. Doing so keeps surveys focused and practical.

5. Give Your Customers Your Word and Keep It

If your product reaches the stage of price comparison, that’s when content is most powerful. On the other end, inadequate content is one of the most common reasons businesses lose customers. Failing to stick to the promise on the product content will harm you in the long run. When comparing prices, customers are looking for products with the best value. You can assure your customer by giving them overwhelmingly complete content with social proof, reviews, testimonials, etc. Otherwise, they may go elsewhere to seek better offers.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure that what is in the content matches the product or services in reality. Otherwise, you risk losing customers confidence.

So how do you win customer confidence?

Learn from customer reviews. This is the most sought-after information used by customers to decide whether products and services will achieve their objectives. Although this may be a challenge to achieve for newer businesses, you can motivate customers for feedback through email. By doing this, you will build a huge image that proves you sell a valuable offer based on social proof. At the same time, it can show that you have a responsibility for considering customers insigths and complaints. Address all your complaints to take account of all customer needs and update the changes to build more trust.

Use the product or service language. Many times, customers buy fascinating products they didn’t anticipate thanks to well-crafted content that highlighted their needs. It is therefore very important to make your content appealing by making technical terms more interesting.

The use of technical terms indicates a strong understanding of your expertise. However, this doesn’t mean that you make everything you use on the content sound technical. Rather you should convey the message in plain language that will help them understand technical jargon. Customers will always try to gauge if you know the product specifications.

6. Capitalize on the Mere Exposure Effect on Your Content

Sometimes, you may always wonder why many customers will insist on buying a specific brand at the expense of others and why they are used to them. This phenomenon is referred to as the “mere exposure effect.” As a business owner, you can take advantage of content marketing to build a strong brand that will always give your competitors hard time irrespective of their offers.

However, this may be a very expensive endeavor to achieve and may take years to realize but will have an overall long-term achievement in building customer trust and confidence. Furthermore, this strategy is also very risky since a slight mistake can bring a whole brand that you struggled to build for years.

How to use the mere effect exposure in content to overcome shopping price comparison;

  • Invest in Search Engine Optimization. Use organize traffic to increase product popularity to online shoppers that are looking for products or services on the internet.
  • Enhance the popularity of your brand by posting content on different websites. There are free online platforms that you can use to post your content. However, to increase customer confidence in the new brand, you must invest in building strong and reliable sites.
  • Integrate content marketing with other methods such as text adverts, emails, and newsletters. However, you should be very careful while using this strategy since many potential customers have no time for lengthy content. A good way to promote your brand and overcome price comparison is by sending production information in emails. Include backlinks that customers can follow back to your brand or product pages.

7. Use Product Content with Similar Features

Where is the first place people will seek information before making a buying decision? The internet. So it’s critical that you don’t make the decision-making process even more challenging.

If you post multiple similar products with features that contradict each other, it will leave them confused. They become unable to make an informed judgment. For example, selling multiple types of microwaves with vastly such features might be ambiguous or lack clarity. As a result, they will leave your selling page for better offers that get straight to the point. Otherwise, the customer may prefer the product with less value. In reality, you want shoppers to gather enough information to make the best choice.

However, let’s say you are selling more than one product on the same platform. You should ensure the product information is precisely arranged so that you don’t end up giving clients homework. The goal is to create a frictionless process. In this arrangement, it’s important to differentiate products well enough. That way, customers don’t have to pit one price of one product against the other.

8. Strategic Content Marketing

Many business owners are fully aware of the benefits they stand to reap from content marketing. However, the sad thing is? Many of them don’t know how to do it right. At least not with the sole objective of preventing business losses that come with shopping price comparison with their competitors. To succeed in content marketing, consider the following key strategies.

Establish your goal.

Have in mind a goal that you would wish to accomplish and ask yourself how content marketing will help you to realize it. Determine whether you are looking to develop content that will promote the business as a whole or focus on your popular brand to build others. Once you have an established goal, you will be good to go on to the next stage of determining the people you want to target.

1. Determine your audience.

Ask yourself the customers you are looking to reach. Are you targeting a specific age bracket or sex, or speaking the whole world in general? Now that you are very sure whom you want to reach, blend your content to address what they want to hear. By so doing, you will be able to keep your audience which means that they will never leave to seek other offers where they feel welcomed.

2. It’s time to build the content.

Now that you know what you want to achieve and who want to reach, it will be time to create the content, having in mind the right set of things to mention and how you will structure them. You should ensure that the content is flowing and from the reading, your audience is able to connect right from the beginning till the end without getting lost.

3. The implementation stage.

In this stage, the big question you need to ask yourself is the platform you will use to post your content. Is it on a newly developed site or an established site with great SEO? If it’s a new site, will there be a need for an intro before going into deeper details? If you approach it well, then it will be very easy to reach your audience and also keep them thereby preventing losing them to other offers that are well planned and established.

4. Measure the performance.

Check whether the contents are making any significant improvement in terms of the number of visits you get. The better the performance the good it will be for you in retaining clients and in standing a better chance to overcome challenges that come with price comparison. Lastly, always learn from your weakness.

The Bottom Line

There are quite a number of strategies that you can use to make your content relevant in overcoming shopping price comparisons. The use of content has helped many business organizations build trust and customer confidence and prevent customer loss that arises while searching for price comparison.

Research shows that potential customers search a maximum of three sites before making the final decision. Therefore, you should make the content emerge among these and beating the rest. Moreover, identify your customer needs and address them effectively and ensure your contents remain relevant by updating them regularly.

Last but not least, take advantage of popular sites with a bigger following such as Facebook to post your content.

Now that you know how to overcome shopping price comparison with content, click here to see what Catsy can do for you.