Why Wholesalers Should Be Utilizing Price Books


It also helps them to ensure that they have complete control over the entire lifecycle of their product content from creation through delivery to the post-purchase experience.

PIM and DAM streamline product content so your teams can easily create marketing collateral and post-purchase materials that enhance the buyer experience.

PIM and DAM provide more opportunities for you to drive revenue with product content. Read on to learn how!

Benefits of Wholesale Price Books

You have a large product range, and you struggle with conveying all the information your distributors need. They may end up with inaccurate prices, incomplete collections or other problems that make it difficult to move inventory. Wholesale Price Books provide several benefits capable of improving your sales.

Quick Inventory Reference

Your distributors have busy schedules, so calling every time they need to check your inventory is an inefficient process. Price Books are on hand whenever the company needs it, which creates a streamlined ordering process. These businesses often work with multiple wholesalers, so it’s important to make it as easy as possible to order from you.

Consistent Style

If you rely on marketing assets when a distributor asks for information, you may end up with a mishmash of formats. Your clients have to scan through every page to find the data they need since it’s in a different location for every product. Wholesale price books have a consistent style that makes your company look more professional. The distributor can also find relevant information in the same place every time, which limits frustration.

Up-to-date Prices

Have you gotten into an argument with a distributor because they insist that a product’s old price is what they’re going to pay? You end up with a headache and a dissatisfied client, which is never a good combination. A modern product information management (PIM) system keeps costs up to date, so you always get your asking price without an unpleasant encounter.


Wholesale price books are only as good as the information contained within them. If your prices fluctuate on a seasonal basis or another schedule, you can use templates to reduce the time it takes for you to push another catalog out. If you have a Product Information Management system, such as Catsy PIM, you can automate many of the updating tasks. A wholesale price book performs a valuable duty for your company. It’s the go-to guide for every client that wants to place an order with your business. When they reach for this catalog, you need to feel confident that they have access to the correct information.

How Catsy Can Help

A PIM system, such as Catsy, offers many features that help you develop these books quickly and without needing to involve your marketing team. Enable your sales team with the proper tools to generate automatic price books within minutes. For more information on how Casty can help you organize product data and publish wholesale price books sign up for a demo at https://www.catsy.com/contact-us.