How to Think Like a Nonprofit When Marketing Your Products


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Think Like a Nonprofit

You can learn a lot about marketing your products by looking beyond the usual suspects. Nonprofit organizations depend on donor funding, grants and other financing sources to achieve their missions. They have to use smart, cost-effective ways of getting the word out about what they’re doing. You can leverage these methods and think like a nonprofit to improve the reach and conversion rates of your product lines.

How do you help your customers?

Nonprofits focus on making a difference for a cause. They tell interested parties exactly how they help, from the efforts they make to the end results. You can put this practice to work for your product line by focusing on what your products do for the customer, as opposed to a base feature list.

What makes you different?

Donors aren’t an unlimited resource, and there are many worthy causes that pull at their wallets. Nonprofits face a competitive environment for donations, so they need to be clear about how they’re different from other organizations. Focus on the things that make your products must-haves over the competition. It only takes a few clicks to find another option, so this reason has to be compelling.

Encourage customer advocacy

The social causes that nonprofits support make people proud to talk about what they’re doing. You want to drive that excitement and advocacy with your products. Encourage user-generated content, such as pictures and videos of people using the items. Get on social media and engage with customers mentioning your brand to keep the conversation going.

Stay authentic and transparent

One of the most important aspects of a nonprofit organization is reassuring donors that their money is going toward a good cause. They do this by being authentic and transparent with what they’re doing, their plans for the future, and the progress they make in social causes.

You don’t need to open up your books to the public, but you should look for ways to add authenticity to your product marketing. Potential customers see hundreds of ads every day, so an honest and upfront message is a breath of fresh air among the noise.

Keep your eyes open for unexpected inspiration on ways to improve your marketing campaigns. Nonprofit strategies are just one of the ways you can excel in your market sector.