The Importance of Efficiency in Product Feed


Product Feed Efficiency

Your product feed is a useful asset for your internal resources and your external partners. You need an efficient and effective process for generating this feed and sending it to the appropriate parties. When you streamline the steps it takes to put it together, you enjoy several competitive advantages.

More Time for Creativity

Automation reduces the amount of hands-on time you spend on your product feed. Tasks such as data entry and photo loading take place behind the scenes, so you get to focus your attention on creative endeavors and strategic decision-making. When you spend more time doing the things that you’re great at, rather than busy work that gets in the way.

Quick Turnaround

How long does it take to update your product feed with new pricing or an additional ordering option? A quick turnaround of creation or revision puts your company in a good position to adjust your offerings based on real-time data. For example, when you go into the holidays with the must-have gift of the year, you can implement an aggressive pricing strategy.

Up-to-Date Information

Your customers expect product listings to have the most current information. If your feeds are weeks or months behind, you confuse customers, cause pricing arguments and process more returns. An efficient process makes it simple to make any changes to a particular item or the entire feed. Product launches are much easier to handle.

Fewer Errors

A complex procedure offers many chances to introduce errors. The more steps and people involved in the process, the more likely you are to run into problems. Automation reduces the amount of human input required for this task and also optimizes the overall workflow. When your employees step in to handle the manual aspects of the catalog creation, they can accomplish their jobs easier.

Accessible Content

Your websites, distribution partners, vendors and other parties need access to your content. If the material is unavailable or hard to access, you lose out on potential opportunities. An efficient product feed reduces the barriers required for loading the necessary product assets.

Your product feed plays an important role for your company’s sales and growth rate. By focusing on ways to make it more efficient, you make better use of your available resources and improve your chances of the feed getting used properly.