Press Release: APSIVA to support Adobe InDesign CS5



APSIVA, the leading provider of multi-channel catalog software, today announced upcoming support for Adobe InDesign CS5.

Catsy Catalog Software makes it easy to publish print, PDF, web, and electronic catalogs. With Catsy you can import thousands of items and easily easily into appealing catalogs. With Catsy, content is centralized across multiple catalogs, making it easy to manage content and images. Starting first qtr 2011, Catsy ONEsource and PRINTsource products will fully interoperate with InDesign CS5. With CS5 support, Catsy makes it easy to breakdown the walls between online and offline catalog publishing.

At the heart of Catsy is the ONEsource product database. ONEsource acts as the central hub that glues together pieces of product content such as items, descriptions, copy, charts and images. This approach creates a single source of product content thus reducing the errors and improving efficiency. Catsy ONEsource offers specialized tools for merchandisers, catalog managers, copywriters, photography and designers to do their functions best.

Catsy PRINTsource simplifies the logistics that come into play beginning during print catalog production. Catsy PRINTsource makes the content extraction, styling and print publishing process fast and error free. Catsy PRINTsource integrates with ONEsource and allows the creative professionals to focus on creativity, rather than spending time in searching and gathering content. Catsy PRINTsource also makes it easy to refresh pricing and content in a catalog once it is published.

Catsy benefits include:


•  Easily create high impact catalogs with CS5

•  Choose from several pre-create templates

•  Improve content accuracy by managing content once and reusing across multiple print catalog       publications and media

•  Empower editorial staff and product managers by eliminating double-entry of content

•  Centralize digital assets and artwork linked with product text, descriptions, and items making it       easy to locate content to design pages

•  Automatically translate special-characters from print to web

•  Empower merchandising with easier product selection process

•  Create catalog pages faster than ever before with auto-styling features

•  Automate price updates to catalogs

•  Save time with system based task notifications to stakeholders

•  Improve efficiencies with workflow that can be configured to your production

•  Eliminate errors with end-to-end catalog planning and publishing workflow

•  Generate status reports to identify pending tasks

•  Fully integrate your internal or external photography into publishing workflow

•  Run reports to find missing images

•  Automate conversion of images from hi-rez to low-rez

•  Automate thumbnail creation


With this release, Catsy is continuing its long term commitment to the Adobe InDesign publishing platform. Catsy PRINTsource is a tool used by skilled catalog designers to create compelling brochures and catalogs.

Catsy 8.0 is available immediately for new installations and upgrades. For additional information, contact Catsy at [email protected] or 847-299-0900.