Press Release: APSIVA Releases Version 7.0



APSIVA, the leading provider of product catalog software, today announced the release of Catsy Software Suite Version 7.0. Starting with Catsy Version 7.0, customers will be able to take advantage of many new features such as an enhanced digital whiteboard, a simplified user interface and compatibility with Adobe InDesign CS4.

Catsy is also upgrading the digital asset management capabilities with IMAGEsource. Catsy IMAGEsource is an Adobe InDesign plugin built to connect directly into a creative departments Digital Asset Library. IMAGEsource is a standalone plug-in that gives you much of the versatility you expect from the Image-placement capabilities of Catsy Print Catalog Software – PRINTsource.

APSIVA empowers organizations by creating a master product information repository that includes product content, product images, literature and most importantly product knowledge. Additionally with APSIVA’s catalog software organizations can publish product content to Print, Web, CD, and electronic media. APSIVA gives a 360-degree content management, and deployment options across media and channels.

Once print and web catalogs are published using our print publishing software, refreshing content from a desktop publishing environment such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress is just as easy.