Press Release: APSIVA Presents at Adobe InDesign Usergroup in Seattle



In case you have been too busy to visit the Adobe Website recently… “Adobe InCopy CS3 software is a professional writing and editing program that tightly integrates with Adobe InDesign CS3 software to enable collaborative editorial workflows.” When contemplating an InCopy workflow, there are two primary areas of concern…

From editors: “Will I now be doing more styling than writing?”

From designers: “Will I be opening up my layouts to the graphically impaired?” Though they are too polite to say this out loud, the worries are well founded.

In the usergroup meeting on July 8th, Jim will address three areas:

Field Tested InDesign Tips for InCopy Workflow

Both editors and designers will benefit from these rapid styling and layout tips. This includes suggestions for re-engineering documents to make them even more InCopy-compatible.


InCopy Features and CS3 Enhancements

Editors will get an effective tour of the InCopy workspace and see functionality available only in InCopy. By the end of this segment, authors/editors will have the foundation to create high-powered InDesign-compatible documents, as well as edit existing ones.


Developing an InCopy Workflow

Tips for examining your editorial and design needs, then blending a solution that can be flavored to your taste. There are several ways for Editors and Designers to “connect” using InCopy/InDesign. Jim will give you a way to gain experience with the tools, then “migrate” to more involved methods for connection and collaboration.


Presented by Jim Cooper – Vice President of Implementations, Catsy Publishing Solutions and Chair of the Reno InDesign User Group. Jim has over 30 years of pre-press, content management and multi-channel publishing experience.


AGENDA (July 8th, 2008)

Still in flux

6.30-6.45: Meet, Greet, & Eat

6.50-7.30: InCopy Goodness with Jim Cooper

7.30-7.45: break and chat

7.45-8.30: More InCopy!

8.30-8.45: Q&A

8.45-9.00: High-Speed Raffle


Time & Place

Tue, Jul 8, 2008, 6:30 PM

Adobe University

801 N 34th St Seattle,

WA 98103 USA