How Pictures Sell Tech Accessories


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Sell Tech Accessories

If selling tech accessories is your business, you know that a cable is not just a cable. But you are not the majority of your customers. Although technology is pervasive in modern society, most consumers still use the “trial and error” method to figure out where each cable fits and which adapter connects mismatched parts.

It is challenging to promote your vast inventory of tech components, especially when you supply parts from multiple generations of audio-visual, digital and internet technology. When your buyers don’t know exactly what they need, they will take only a few moments to flip through a paper or online catalog and stop at what looks right. Clear pictures of the essential parts of each inventory item are therefore crucial.

Focus on Shape and Size

Photos must show whether a cable end is round, square, oblong or “duck-mouth” shaped. If there are holes or jutted edges on either cable end, show it clearly in the picture or contain a diagram. Even though you may know all ports for a certain cable contain three holes, for example, and the corresponding cable will always have three pins, don’t assume your customers are also aware. They may stop short of purchasing the cable if there’s any question it will work in their machines.

Print Pictures in Color to Sell Tech Accessories

Although terms like “male to female” and “HDMI” might be second nature to you, many of your buyers are still using the colors on the back of their audio visual systems to link up the right cords. Make it easy for them by reproducing an accurate color picture of each cable, with the red, white and yellow ends clearly shown.

Choose “Common Sense” Categories

It’s reasonable to assume each customer knows the purpose of the cable, adapter or other accessory they need. Group your components by use, such as audio-visual, lighting and data. That way your customers can go quickly to the relevant area and scan the photos for their item.

Capture All Angles and “Zoom” Feature

In one shot, attempt to capture all relevant aspects of the cable. Online versions of the catalog should have the “zoom” feature enabled, so customers can simply click to take a closer look. If an essential part can’t be captured in a single shot, consider a split image with all important angles.

Taking a few extra moments with your tech photography can ensure you don’t miss any sales and your customers won’t be left confused. The added effort on your part can make a real difference in your long-term revenue.