Turning Your Web Catalog Into a Lead Generator


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By now, you certainly know that digital marketing is one of the most important — if not the most important — thing you can do for your website in order to turn it into a lead generation machine. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss some of the most important elements of proper digital and content marketing, thereby turning your web catalog into a money-making lead generator! It’s much easier than you think, and it takes a few simple steps to make it happen.

Before You Do Anything Else, Do This!

Your website content determines the quality of your leads, but not even the best quality content can be seen if the website design isn’t up to par. Some of the qualities that a good website design has include:

  • Responsive: A good website has to be mobile-responsive. This means that you can access the website, no matter if you’re on a laptop, desktop or mobile device.
  • Easily navigable: A good website needs to be easily navigable — which means that you should be able to find all the necessary pages and blog posts quickly and effectively.
  • Clean design: A good website needs to have a clean design — a design that isn’t cluttered with unnecessary pictures, poor color choices or “walls of text” that just exhaust the readers’ eye.
  • Thought Out Categorization: A good website has clearly delineated spots for all of its content, making it easily navigable and cleanly designed.

A well-designed website is easy to do by yourself and for yourself. However, we strongly recommend that you enlist the aid of a professional website design company in order to get the job done quickly and efficiently. It will actually cost your company money in the long run to do the website yourself in a piecemeal fashion (you will give the impression that you’re not a professional company), so even if you have to spend a little money to get it done correctly, you will more than make it back when you turn your website into a lead generator!

Digital Marketing for Website Success

Now that you have a website that’s well-designed, functional, easily navigable and live, the following is a list of digital marketing tips that you should follow in order to turn your website into a lead generating machine:

Content Is King

Ultimately, what will drive customers to your website is the quality of your content. Your blog posts should be informative, well-written, contain at least 300 words and be updated at least two to three times a week.

Of course, the greatest content in the world is not going to be helpful if your readers aren’t interested in it. So, the next important thing to ask is, what are your customers interested in reading? A good way to find out is to simply ask — you can either ask in person (when they come into your store), or you can put up a poll on your website to ask them what they’re interested in. As long as you tailor your content to what your customers need and want, you’ll be able to get a respectable client base just from that content.

Call to Action

Did you know that if you put a call to action on your website, you’ll be able to get a significant number of leads? A call to action is a place on your website where the visitor is required to put in her information before she continues onto the rest of your site. The information sometimes includes just an e-mail address, but more often also includes additional pieces of information, such as a phone number and a mailing address. The more information you request in a call to action, the more likely you’ll be able to close the deal once it comes through.

Improve SEO

Even the best content needs a little “super-charge,” and that’s where SEO (or search engine optimization) comes in. SEO is what will make the difference between your website getting on the first page, and your website getting on the second page (and beyond). It’s estimated that 95 percent of the potential customers who do web searches for what you’re offering don’t go past the first page of search results.

Some of the many important elements of SEO include the following: a good META description, a proper use of keywords and alt-text tags in your photos. Of course, this is far from the complete list of things that comprise proper SEO, so it’s recommended that you enlist the aid of a professional SEO company in order to generate the results you need.

Website Tracking

Finally, but certainly no less importantly, make sure you track where your website visitors are coming from. By figuring out where they are geographically located, you can make geo-targeted offers and recommendations. For example, if the majority of your visitors are coming from Los Angeles, and you offer a variety of marble tiles for sale, you can tailor some content to focus on “Los Angeles marble tiles for sale” and generate more interest in your products and services.

These are just a few of the many tips and tricks we have to turn your website into a lead generation machine. There are many more aspects that, as professionals, we can help you deploy to be most effective. For more information about us, our catalog software and our product information management services, contact us today!


Product information management (PIM) is a catalog software tool built to speed products to market.

Digital asset management (DAM) is a software used to organize and enrich digital assets.