Life Before Catsy Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Managing product data and images can be a giant headache, and Kammi the marketing manager at Amneal International knows all about it. Kammi has been utilizing Catsy since 2008, and told us when we spoke with her that she can’t imagine life without it. In this short video she discusses the pain of product information and digital asset management before Catsy and how she and her team use our product information software now. As always, the transcript is below.


Before Catsy if someone needed that information—they needed that PDF or that TIF or that jpg they would have to come to me. They would call me, they would email me and ask me “do you have this high res photo?,” “Do you have the latest material safety data sheet?,” “do you have the latest prescribing information or outsert?,” and I would have to email it to them. I was the repository and it was very manual.

Now, with Catsy they log in, they go to the product they need, and they select the asset they need. It’s right there, and if i have an update—if I have a new photograph or if we have updated the patient information guide, I know when they go there they are going to get the most recent document and I don’t have to sift through all of my files to make sure I’ve got the right one.