Live Webinar: 3 Tips to Amplify Speed to Market

Thursday, October 5 @ 5pm CET / 11am EST

From data modeling to spec sheet generation, learn applicable tips to speed your products to market as an industrial manufacturer.


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October5 @ 5pm CET / 11am EST


Why Attend?

  1. Get expert insights
  2. Learn time-saving strategies
  3. Understand unified data management
  4. Master your asset management
  5. See how to share products with ease
  6. Interactive Q&A
  7. Access to exclusive resources
  8. Get actionable takeaways

In this webinar:

Mastering Data Management: The art of transforming fragmented data

from diverse spreadsheets into an organized, actionable hub.

Streamlining Digital Assets: Strategies to consolidate and manage

scattered images, ensuring they’re always at your fingertips when needed.

Efficient Content Distribution: Simplifying the daunting task of sending

content to distributors. Discover how to effortlessly convert and export

product data in varied formats without hassle.

Sound Familiar?

You’re juggling data from countless spreadsheets, each with a different format, trying to create a cohesive narrative. Your product images are dispersed – from cloud storage, various computers to that elusive network drive. And every time you need to send product data to distributors, you’re tangled in an exhausting web of format conversions.


You’re not alone.

Thursday @ 11 EST / 5 CET | 25 minutes

speed to market for brands

Meet our Guest Speakers

Liz - dam & pim for distributors
CJ - dam & pim for distributors
Elizabeth Byrd

Marketing at Catsy

Ceejay Teku

CEO & Co-Founder of Catsy

dam & pim for distributors

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the webinar? We have answers!

Catsy is a SaaS DAM & PIM solution, purpose built for Industrial and Commercial Brands. With advanced tools, Catsy creates a single source of truth for product managers, marketers, logistics, engineers and eCommerce managers to centralize all product data and digital assets in one seamless location. Catsy supports channels such as eCommerce channels and distribution channels such as Grainger, MSC, Ferguson, and Fastenal. 

PIM, or Product Information Management, is a tool or system used by brands to centralize, manage, and distribute product data and content. PIM streamlines the process of collecting, refining, and enriching product data, ensuring consistency and accuracy across various channels and platforms.

Our session is tailored for decision-makers, marketing professionals, and supply chain managers within industrial and commercial brands. Whether you’re a budding entity or an established player, our insights are relevant and actionable for all.

While both PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) are essential tools for brands, they serve different purposes. DAM focuses on storing, organizing, and retrieving media files, like images or videos, ensuring they are easily accessible. On the other hand, PIM is more centered on managing product data, specifications, and related content for distribution across multiple channels.

Absolutely! We’ve allocated time for an interactive Q&A session, ensuring that all your pressing questions are addressed. Our goal is to provide clarity and actionable next steps for attendees.

Yes, a recording of the webinar will be available for those who register. If you’re unable to attend the live session, we’ll ensure you receive the recording shortly after the webinar concludes.

Implementing PIM and DAM solutions ensures that your product data and digital assets are organized, consistent, and easily accessible. This streamlined access reduces the time spent searching, formatting, or correcting data and assets, thus speeding up product launches, marketing campaigns, and content distribution to distributors and channels.