Product descriptions are one of the most important factors to consider when running an online store, and yet they are often overlooked. Whether you are selling a handful or hundreds of thousands of products, the product description for each item needs to be the best it can be if you want to achieve maximum conversions. The product description needs to be informative, compelling and realistic.

Consumers are savvy, and they can cut through a flimsy sales pitch in seconds. The problem with many product descriptions is that they are often unoriginal and uninspiring, if they even exist at all. This can severely hurt your business and your bottom line.

Product Descriptions Are Essential for Search and Conversion

Product descriptions serve two essential purposes for your website and your business as a whole. When written well, and optimized using best-practice SEO techniques, they will attract targeted traffic consisting of people actively searching for your product online. Once people find the product that they are looking for on your website, impress them with your product description so they reach for their wallet.

Writing a Product Description That Converts

Writing a good product description isn’t so difficult when you break down the process, and the returns on investment can be huge. Let’s look at the benefits of using an optimized and compelling product description. Here are two examples of a product description for an electric toothbrush:

Example 1: This electric toothbrush is one of the best on the market and will clean your teeth better than a regular toothbrush.

Example 2: When you are looking for an electric toothbrush that excels, we have the perfect solution. This top-of-the-range, award-winning electric toothbrush is recommended by dentists nationwide, offers total mouth freshness, and will leave your teeth so clean you can feel the difference all day. The ergonomic design of this innovative electric toothbrush makes it easy to hold and control, enabling you to get to those really-hard-to-reach places. This ensures your teeth are cleaned and polished to perfection, and all traces of tartar are completely removed. Smile with total confidence. Order today and give your teeth the best treatment you can between visits to the dentist.

The difference between the two product descriptions is obvious. The first description tells what the product is and what it does, but most people will already know the basics about this type of product.

The second description is not only longer, but it also contains engaging adjectives and many benefits. In addition, the key phrase “electric toothbrush” appears a number of times for SEO purposes. A good product description should ideally be around 100 words and be as descriptive and persuasive as possible.

Tailor your Description to the Product Type

It’s worth noting that some product descriptions may need a slightly different approach, especially those with lots of features or benefits. For example, technical products can offer many different features which could get lost in translation if described in a single paragraph. Instead, include those features as bullets and short paragraphs that will help your target audience to learn the benefits of your product at a glance.

Everything in the Right Place

In addition to ensuring your product descriptions are up to scratch, you should also check they are indexed under the right category on your website. Correct indexing is essential if you are working with a large database of products and information. Regular housekeeping checks such as this will ensure your visitors are able to find what they need easily, and that you can accurately measure how your pages are performing and how products are selling.

Simplify and Centralize Product Descriptions With Catalog Software

Spring-cleaning your product catalog doesn’t have to be a chore or a challenge. By using print catalog software from Catsy, you can centralize your product descriptions to give your copywriters easy access to them and the ability to quickly add marketing content that converts. Catsy catalog software gives you complete control over your product descriptions, helping you to create, convert and deliver across your entire product range.