Cloud Storage for Product Images


It also helps them to ensure that they have complete control over the entire lifecycle of their product content from creation through delivery to the post-purchase experience.

PIM and DAM streamline product content so your teams can easily create marketing collateral and post-purchase materials that enhance the buyer experience.

PIM and DAM provide more opportunities for you to drive revenue with product content. Read on to learn how!

Cloud Storage

Your product images are an essential part of your marketing. If your internal teams and external partners can’t access these assets, your campaigns suffer. Cloud storage is a cost-effective way to handle image-serving needs, whether you need a centralized location for your internal needs, a reliable server for your partners or an off-site backup.


Box gives you a secure cloud storage service with many business-focused features. It integrates with a wide range of third-party applications and supports custom enterprise applications, which makes it easy to access your product images directly from the software you already use. Box offers a $5 per month starter tier and a $15 per month business tier. 


If you need a straightforward cloud storage option for an off-site backup, Dropbox offers plenty of space at an excellent cost. You can set up automatic syncing with your product photo folders, so you never have to worry about having a convenient backup if a disaster occurs.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers two distinct advantages for your internal teams. The platform is built for collaboration, so it’s easy to add people to the appropriate folders. Google’s powerful network provides anytime, anywhere access. User-friendly sharing can be limited to the organization or set to public views.

Microsoft OneDrive

Do you already use Microsoft products for your technology infrastructure? Microsoft OneDrive will integrate readily with them. For a solution that fits into your existing workflow for internal teams, OneDrive is an excellent choice.

Amazon CloudFront

Are you looking for a reliable content delivery network for your product images? Amazon CloudFront gives you access to a secure, powerful network with data centers around the world. This service operates as a pay-per-usage model, allowing you to scale your operations without unnecessary expenses. This service also works well as a backup to your in-house resources. If you want to accommodate unexpected demand during high-traffic times, CloudFront could take over so you don’t have customers running into website errors or broken images.


Do you provide product videos to go along with your photos? If you don’t have a powerful delivery network available, your customer experience suffers. Akamai specializes in many cloud-based media serving solutions, especially high-demand content, such as videos. If you have extensive requirements for your catalog assets, you get a flexible solution for your ongoing needs.

You spent a lot of time and resources on optimizing your catalog content. The technical infrastructure required for high-availability delivery may exceed your in-house resources. These cloud-based solutions fit your budget and provide exceptional service quality for your customers and partners. Don’t lose out on opportunities because your in-house servers can’t handle sudden traffic spikes. Migrate to the cloud and improve your catalog performance.

Catsy Cloud Storage Integration

Catsy cloud storage API integration with Dropbox and Box to simplify your digital asset management. Utilize the powerful image storage options provided in Box and Dropbox such as team access and backup options with easy linking to Catsy PIM. Utilize the apps you already use to simplify your workflow. All of these images can automatically populate your catalogs, customer service hub, price books, spec sheets, and more.