A lot of people that reach out to us are curious/nervous/cautious about ditching their on-premise approach and moving to cloud software. We figured we would put together this short video to explain why going with cloud software is the best for your organization.


In the late 1800’s electricity was generated by individual businesses on-premise by generators. Each owner was responsible for maintenance.

In the 1930’s utilities became established, delivering electricity as a service. Although change is hard, people realized that they no longer had to deal with the headache of expensive maintenance costs.

In the same way, enterprise software in the 1990s was deployed on-premise because that was the only way possible at the time.

With the rise of the technology, in the 2010’s (although some did it before) companies moved past the 20+ year old norm and offered cloud-based solutions—which include automatic updates, the ability to work from anywhere, increased collaboration, and a more competitive solution.