The Best Sales Reps

Your best sales reps sit at the top of the charts, towering high above everyone else on the list. They get the same resources as the rest of your team, but they do so much more with it. What separates them from your middle of the road people?


Your top team members follow up at every opportunity. They don’t let leads and prospects fall through the cracks due to inattention. Particularly enterprising sales reps may work with automated follow-ups in the customer relationship management application.

Personal Goals

The regular sales quota isn’t enough for this group. They set their own personal goals so they’re always moving forward. They look for new ways to optimize their selling techniques and invest time into the self-improvement of their skills.


Some people listen only long enough to know when it’s their turn to talk about their opinion. The best sales reps give prospects their full attention and absorb what they’re saying. They only speak when they have valuable input to add to the conversation or a clarifying question for the lead.


What does the prospect struggle with? People outside the top performers’ circle may go down a memorized list of pain points or typical problems. The best reps consider each unique situation and gain an in-depth understanding of the customer.


Sticking to a script doesn’t get you very far in sales, and the top performers know that. They are ready to change up their presentation on the fly, whether the customer changed their mind completely or has a new development in their needs.


Prospects typically take some time to make purchase decisions after entering the sales funnel. Your best sales people know that this process requires patience. They don’t have to rush since they’re already well ahead of the average quota, so they can give the prospect the resources and support they need to make a decision.

Internal Sales representatives are the lifeblood of your business. You depend on their work for positive growth and increased revenue. These key attributes can help your team improve their performance and join the folks at the top.