How ERP, PIM and DAM Work Together


How ERP, PIM and DAM Work Together to Form a Single Source of Truth ERP CHANNELS SUMMARY A single source of truth is an essential tool for revenue generation A single source of truth equips marketers to drive revenue faster and more efficiently.  For eCommerce brands, a single source of truth includes all product content […]

4 Strategies for Product Categorization


4 Strategies for Product Categorization BRANDS SUMMARY Utilize product categorization to build brand loyalty Product categorization is a simple exercise that, when done well, can improve brand loyalty and the customer experience as a whole.  Pre-Categorization: understand the psychology of your target audience Consumer psychology is complex and non-predictive. In order to predict the behavior […]

How Retailers can Keep Up with Multichannel Retail Demands


How Retailers can Keep Up with Multichannel Retail Demands RETAILERS TL;DR summary Modern e-commerce strategies can be hard to keep up with, but when done right, they can be a great way to reach more customers than ever before. These strategies can also bring those customers back again and again for your products. Using software […]

How a Single Source of Truth PIM Drives Revenue for Your Brand

single source of truth PIM

How a Single Source of Truth PIM Drives Revenue for Your Brand PIM TL;DR summary Online marketers today face unique challenges in maintaining a competitive edge in the e-commerce space. Shoppers today have more information and options available than ever before, and organizations that want to keep a modern image are taking advantage of software […]

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Industrial Manufacturers

industrial manufacturer marketing

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Industrial Manufacturers BRANDS TL;DR summary Now more than ever, digital marketing is a necessity for industrial manufacturers. This article will cover five digital marketing strategies that all industrial manufacturers can implement today: -Website optimization -Content marketing -PPC adverts -Social media marketing -Leverage recurring revenue IN THIS ARTICLE TRENDING TOPICS […]

Enhanced Content Pages – A Complete Guide for Enriching PDPs


SEO, SEO, SEO. Marketers have the three letter acronym at the forefront of every marketing campaign, every webpage, and every PDP. For good reason: while 68% of all internet activities start with a search engine, 75% of searchers never click past the first page.  What does SEO have to do with enriching PDPs with enriched […]

How SaaS PIM and DAM Benefit Hybrid Marketing Teams

In the last two years, the workplace has changed dramatically. With more companies deploying hybrid remote schedules, many teams are finding workload management increasingly difficult. As the pandemic continues it’s becoming increasingly clear that hybrid working models are not going anywhere. With this comes an increased responsibility for employers to equip teams with tools that […]

Best Ways to Integrate Shopify with ERP in 2022

Shopify ERP Integration

ERP integration simply means connecting your company’s ERP system to other systems. These other systems can be applications, eCommerce platforms like Shopify, your partners’ stores, data sources for your business, etc. What this connection does is that it synchronizes your main activities to the ‘outside world’ so to speak, where you have your business assets.

How Product Information Management Improves Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Product Information Management Customer Loyalty

A genuinely satisfied and loyal customer is the do-or-die ingredient that your business needs to keep driving the sales, turn in a profit, and remain in business. The reverse is also true; a dissatisfied customer is all that a business needs to kill sales, turn in a loss and ultimately go out of business. One […]

B2B Product Marketers: 7 Tips to Elevate Your Marketing Strategy in 2022

B2B Product Marketers

In contrast to new years resolutions many people make, with goals to weigh less and spend less, companies primarily have one goal: sell more. To experience B2B eCommerce growth 2022, marketers must have a unique strategy to capture the attention of casual browsers and turn them into loyal customers. As market demands increase, new trends […]