Digital Catalog Copywriting

Catalog copy sometimes ends up at the bottom of your priority list. While great product photos and a solid design are necessary parts of your product listings, the text turns a reader into a customer. Use these digital catalog copywriting tips to improve your product description copywriting. 

1. Get an emotional response

Potential customers need a persuasive reason to decide on your products rather than your competitors. Evoke an emotional response through a relatable story or powerful phrases that form that connection. If you’re not sure where to start, read over customer reviews of your products and see how they talk about the features or results that excite them the most. 

2. Start by answering what’s in it for them

How do you capture your audience’s attention from the second they start reading the copy? Give them the information that they’re most interested in, first. What benefits do they get from using your products? Go over the way you can help customers overcome their challenges or make their lives better. Once you capture their attention, you’re free to let them know the product details.

3. Match your audience’s voice

Each audience has their own way of communicating. Different technical abilities, vocabulary and common word usage shape the way they talk. The best way to get a feel for their writing voice is to check out forums and social media sites that they frequent. Use this language in your product copy to add another layer of connection in your digital catalog copywriting.

4. Use active voice

Active voice is a sentence structure that has the subject performing the verb. For example, “The cat knocked the bottle off the table” is active voice. In contrast, the passive voice construction is “The bottle got knocked off the table by the cat.” Active voice is better at engaging the reader.

5. Have multiple layers of proofreading and editing

Spelling and grammar mistakes happen to the best writers. A thorough proofreading and editing layer prevents these problems from making it into the final deliverable. While some typos are amusing mistakes, others could damage the copy’s clarity.

Get multiple eyes on the text to prevent errors from slipping through. The grammar checker on your software is no substitute for human proofreaders and editors.

Your catalog copy acts as a powerful sales tool when you put resources into it. Use these tips to improve your existing text and establish a framework for future success.