4 Ways That a Product Information Management System Can Help Your Workflow


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Product Information Management Workflow


Managing product information is hard work, right?

There are spreadsheets, emails, and word documents to gather information from. Images, PDF’s & videos that need to be organized–and sales reps, CSR’s, websites, catalogs, and marketplaces that need to be kept up-to-date. It can be daunting.

Well at Catsy we help tons of companies of all sizes create a harmonious process of gathering and managing product information.

With the right tools for product managers, copywriters, photographers, and designers–Catsy makes everyone efficient while keeping the data up-to-date.

With Catsy you can improve accuracy and:

  1. Create a single repository of all your product information
  2. Quickly search and locate content
  3. Publish to multiple channels
  4. Streamline workflow across teams

So what are you waiting for?

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Product information management (PIM) is a catalog software tool built to speed products to market.

Digital asset management (DAM) is a software used to organize and enrich digital assets.