Press Release: CATSY Presents “Type Tricks and Special Effects in InDesign”


Our main topic for this meeting will be: Type tricks and special effects in InDesign.

Everybody who made it to our last meeting left happy. Maybe it was the good company (us), or the good company (NAI Alliance) who served as host for the first meeting of the 2009 Reno User Group Summer Series.

Let’s do in again. For your convenience, will be doing a mid-day session (11:30am to 1pm). Bring your lunch and see some innovative and powerful InDesign demonstrations. If you are new to InDesign or to the User Group, this is the ideal way to get started, and get out of the office for a while.

ABOUT NRCS The Natural Resources Conservation Service is the largest private land conservation agency of the federal government. For almost 75 years, they have been the conservation experts, helping private landowners, communities, groups, land users, and others conserve and solve problems relating to natural resources on agricultural land. They work with Nevada’s Conservation Districts and other partners to provide free conservation assistance to keep our environment healthy and productive for future generations.

======== Agenda =======

STAGE 1: Q&A: After you register, you can e-mail a question beforehand, and we will do our best to present a solution that might benefit the entire group at the meeting, time permitting. Jim Cooper [email protected]

STAGE 2: Something new for everyone… Type tricks and special effects: Learn the 90-second rule and how it can streamline your production cycle.

STAGE 3: The main event… Liquefy your content and “flow” it into flexible templates. Avoid the common headaches during the edit cycle. We have some special tips for newsletters, magazines, and manuals. We are also continuing our how-to segments for incorporating interactive features in PDFs. We encourage our audience to opt for “green” communication, and read our information on screen. You will get additional “background” to begin today. SO… Why hang around after hours when you can take a long lunch in mid-day to improve your InDesign knowledge benefit from the most economical training experience that you will find?

Jim Cooper, Chair of the Reno InDesign User Group VP of Publishing Systems – Catsy Catalog Solutions

FOOD Bring your lunch and (if you like) something to share with a new friend.

REGISTRATION IS VERY IMPORTANT Please register on the website beforehand for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the ability to help us procure some great raffle prizes.


… in advance to Adobe (and our gracious User Group cousins in Indianapolis and Puerto Rico) for their continued support and to the kind folks at NRCS for their hospitality. Also, we are grateful to Peachpit Press (, O’Reilly (, and Catsy ( for their generosity.


Time & Place

Monday, August 3, 2009, 11:30 AM

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Location: 1365 Corporate Blvd

Reno, Nevada 89502 USA