Press Release: APSIVA Presents in Reno – InDesign High-Impact Publishing


APSIVA, the leading provider of print catalog publishing solutions, is pleased to present InDesign High-Impact Publishing at the Reno InDesign Usergroup. Jim Cooper, VP, Print Implementations, Catsy Catalog Solutions, will show how to create High-Impact publishing workflows for print, PDF and web publishing. Jim will show a collection of field-tested tips for creating and sharing multi-channel content. If you have never seen Spreadsheet, Word-Processing, Plain Text or Database files poured into the world’s premier (InDesign®) publishing engine, you are in for a treat.

During the evening, Jim will show no matter what software you use to maintain your information, you have a portal into Adobe® engineered print, PDF and web publishing. Even more appealing is the ability to “refresh” any layout by simply updating your original source document.


We will do an in-depth overview and outline the InDesign high-impact feature sets required to:

1. Compose a complete Rules/Regulations document, complete with Table of Contents and Index, from a database-export “text” file.

2. Auto-generate a multi-page Product Catalog from a “tabbed” data source.

3. Import and auto-style a magazine article; edit and copyfit in the “live” document; export a PDF file for the printer; tag and export all content for the web (in less than ten minutes).

4. Import spreadsheet data into a layout and “refresh” content on demand.

Publish with Speed and “Style” using proven professional methods. If you have ever spent more time formatting your work than you did authoring it, or if accepting files contributed by others meant hours of mind-numbing cut and paste, relief is on the way!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! During this meeting we will demonstrate as many InDesign publishing scenarios as possible.

With time at the end of the presentation for questions and answers, join us for an evening of increased efficiencies and productivity!

Date, Time and Location:

Tuesday April 22nd, 2008

6:30 pm to 8:45 pm

Frandsen Humanities Building

University of Nevada Reno

Reno, NV 89557 USA