Press Release: APSIVA On-Demand Publishing Gains Acceptance


APSIVA, the leading provider of catalog publishing software, today announced that its on demand catalog production sub system, an integral part of the APSIVA PRINTsource Enterprise Version 4.4 has gone live at multiple client sites.

The on demand subsystem within Catsy is providing the following additional benefits:


•  Create On-Demand catalogs with up-to-the-minute content

•  Re-price existing catalogs on-demand from retail stores or dealerships

•  Create sales fliers, signs and price cards for retail

•  Empower sales reps with custom priced catalogs

•  Reinforce corporate branding from the same Adobe InDesign output

•  Print ready output with high-resolution graphics, crisp fonts and stylesheets

•  Based on Adobe InDesign CS2 Server

APSIVA is designed from the ground up to the new realities of post dot-com era of multi-channel catalog publishing which means robust and comprehensive support for print, web and on-demand catalog publishing.

Catsy ONEsource is a catalog content management software that helps organizations in aggregating, synchronizing, syndicating and harmonizing product content across enterprise systems, departments, suppliers, employees and customers helping you to personalize, deepen, grow, and leverage each relationship.

Catsy PRINTsource is built on top of ONEsource and is designed to work seamlessly with desktop publishing environments and enhance productivity within creative teams. Catsy PRINTsource print catalog publishing software creates the right workflow and provides the right tools for merchandisers, content authors, art departments, photography, catalog managers and creative artists.

Catsy On Demand publishing capability is part of APSIVA PRINTsource Enterprise edition and leverages on the work done by APSIVA ONEsource and APSIVA PRINTsource and brings their benefits to retail locations, dealerships and field sales reps.