Press Release: APSIVA Announces Support for Adobe InDesign CS 2 for Its Print Catalog Software


APSIVA, the leading provider of print and electronic catalog software, today announced support for Adobe InDesign CS2. Customers will now be able to take advantage of many new benefits offered by Adobe InDesign CS2.

Unlike other solutions that are simply an outgrowth of legacy print applications, APSIVA is designed from the ground up to the new realities of post dot-com era of multi-channel catalog publishing. This means robust support for print and web channels for simultaneous deployment, instead of uploading products approved for the print to the website.

APSIVA empowers organizations by creating a master product information repository that includes product content, product images, literature and most importantly product knowledge. Additionally with APSIVA’s catalog software organizations can publish product content to Print, Web, CD, and electronic media. APSIVA gives a 360-degree content management, and deployment options across media and channels.

Catsy PRINTsource is designed to work seamlessly with desktop publishing environment, enhances productivity within creative teams. APSIVA PRINTsource uses a combination of database principals, multi-channel concepts, workflow notifications to streamline and improve the efficiency of desktop publishing. Catsy PRINTsource print catalog publishing software creates the right workflow and provides the right tools for merchandisers, content authors, art departments, photography, catalog managers and creative artists. Catsy PRINTsource offers a variety of benefits:


      Multi-Channel Benefits

•  Improve content accuracy by managing content once and reusing across multiple print catalog publications and media

•  Empower editorial staff by eliminating double-entry of content

•  You can centralize digital assets and artwork linked with product text, descriptions, and items making it easy to locate content to design pages

•  Automatically translate special-characters from print to web

      Designer Benefits

•  Simplify page assembly

•  Create catalog pages faster than ever before due to advanced auto-styling features

•  Save time by auto-styling tables and charts with auto-styling features

•  Save time by automatically refreshing catalog pages

•  Automate pricing and price/content updates to catalogs

•  Auto paginate catalog pages for certain types of catalogs

•  B2B catalogers can create most catalog pages in less than 90 seconds per page

•  Get notifications for products that need to be updated and refreshes

      Catalog Workflow Benefits

•  Replace sequential, point-to-point communications with many-to-many and paralleled routing of tasks in the catalog process

•  Save time with system based task notifications to stakeholders

•  Improve efficiencies with workflow that can be configured to your production

•  Eliminate errors with end-to-end catalog planning and publishing workflow

•  Generate status reports to identify pending tasks

      Merchandising Benefits

•  Empower merchandising with easier product selection process

•  Migrate merchandising to a fully digital process for catalog page planning with catalog planning whiteboard

•  Gain access to sales insight directly from whiteboard

•  Make turnover an electronic, easy and error free process

      Photography Benefits

•  Fully integrate your internal or external photography into a notification based workflow

•  Simplify art direction and photography approval workflow


Catsy Print Catalog Software is not merely a glorified product database. It is also a workflow engine that routes tasks and messages to the right users, in the right sequence at the right time. This proactive approach of notifying users reduces dependencies, eliminates bottlenecks and improves the throughput for the production staff. With better workflow support, you can manage bigger teams of advertising and merchandisers.

Once print and web catalogs are published using our print publishing software, refreshing content from a desktop publishing environment such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress is just as easy.