Press Release: Competitive Upgrade from Catsy – Consolidation in the Catalog Management Software Space


The growth in technology companies has its roots in the great dot-com boom of 1999-2000. Without recapping the entire history of that cycle, suffice it to say that many of the enterprises it spawned had never had to prove themselves with real customers, real world tested products, or real earnings. (Let us not forget those heady days when any earnings were considered a disadvantage because of the P/E ratios they would create!)

Since that time, we’ve all been reminded that when it comes to business plans, looks are not enough! Companies must deliver on the promise and execute. Like the economy as a whole, the catalog software sector is still absorbing (and recovering from) the “excesses” of the dot-com era.

For organizations that have already invested in a competing catalog management system, Catsy offers a competitive upgrade rebate to make the transition to Catsy as painless as possible. With our competitive upgrade rebate, you can get your Catsy PRINTsource Catalog Software at up to 50% off.

The qualifying requirements for the competitive upgrade is that you have purchased a competing Catalog Management Software suite within the last 60 months and still own it.

The Competitive Upgrade rebate is not available through resellers, and the upgrade is valid until 9/30/2004.