Packaging InDesign Files – [Video Tutorial]

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Packaging InDesign Files Tutorial

Once you have completed your catalog or publication, cleaned up your file, and perfected your bleed and slug, the next step is packaging InDesign files to send off to the printer. When you package a file, InDesign creates a folder that consists of the InDesign file, a PDF of the document, all fonts and images used, and instructions if needed. These are all necessary for sending off a job that is professional and won’t have missing fonts or pixilated images. Check out the transcript and video below for full instructions on how to make sure your document is print ready through packaging InDesign files.

After you finish your publication and clean up your document you are going to need to package it for the printer. This basically means that all fonts and images along with your document get put in a folder that you can compress and send off to your printer.

Click File > Package and select package again. You can put instructions in for the printer, but I’m not going to this time. Choose where you want it to save and make sure that Copy Fonts, Copy Linked Graphics, and Update Graphic Links in Package are checked.

Now I can close my document and open the folder I just created. In here you can see the document, font, images, and a PDF file of the document.

You are going to send this entire folder to the printer so they have everything they need to complete your job. You can right click the folder and choose Compress to reduce the size of the folder for emailing or sharing.

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